A Roadmap for Teaching Social Media: All the assignments, rubrics, and feedback guides you’ll need to present a strategic social media course!

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A Roadmap for Teaching Social Media is the workbook you want but never get from other social media books. Embracing the connections between theory and practice, providing innovative assignments in class, and creating a social media mindset as a professor and as a student are some of the goals of this workbook. This workbook aims to empower professors and prepare students for the ever changing demands and expectations facing them in the social media industry. In this workbook, instructors teaching social media class will see detailed instructions for getting started with a social media class, branding the social media class, providing social media and email etiquette policy, inviting guest speakers to class, setting up a class hashtag, and creating content for classes. Specific assignments and their grading rubrics include managing your online reputation, specific strategy assignments, specific message assignments, and a capstone social media campaign assignment. Finally, a sample syllabus from the author’s own acclaimed class and links to additional resources are provided.