Advertisement Skepticism and its Related Concepts

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Have you ever wondered why,despite the billions of dollars spent on advertising each year, consumers still tend to disbelieve advertising claims, dislike advertising and avoid advertising all together? ‘Advertising Skepticism and its related concepts: A comprehensive study’ is packed full of information in which authors talk straight about why advertising, which was once considered to be an essential tool of modern marketing has been reduced to mere non-credible and deceptive medium of information.Through a comprehensive conceptual model, based on the dozens of theoretical frameworks from the past studies, they unfold the book by highlighting the advertisement skepticism and its related concepts. In this book you’ll also discover: How the advertisement skepticism and its antecedents and consequences impact each other? How the measure of advertisement skepticism varies across different products? What strategies can be undertaken by multi-national companies to enhance the credibility of their advertisement? If you are a marketer, advertiser or a research scholar who wants to identify the skeptical segment of consumers, formulate advertising strategy, this book is for you.

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