Android Ad Network Primer: How to Monetize Android Apps with Advertisements

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You know that billions are spent on mobile advertising each year. You have the app. You just need to resolve that last piece – getting those advertising dollars into your pocket.

The booming mobile advertising industry is filled with many big players and even more hopefuls. Unfortunately, many ad networks do not live up to the hype, leaving the developers to foot the bill in labor and lost time.

Enter the Android Ad Network Primer. This crash course in advertising revenue from Android apps gets you the information you need to make decisions and get ads into your app.

This book helps cut through the hype, giving you tools to evaluate which ad networks will be right for you, and walking through sign-up and integration of several of the big networks. It also contains details on over a dozen ad networks in an extensive resources section.

By the end of this quick primer, you’ll know which ad networks are right for your app, have an ad solution integrated, and be earning money with your app.

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