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Where things come from

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I just finished my Bachelor project – a short animated trailer for a fictional education tv-series.

The internet has established itself as a repository of knowledge. The lion’s share of the world’s knowledge, experience and information resides on server farms and can be accessed by anyone at any time.

The work focuses on the shift of knowledge onto the internet and a question that arises from that shift: What will we still want to know when all information is permanently available?

The product is a two-minute trailer for an animated series on this theme of the transfer of knowledge. I am responsible for the script, the general form, the coordination of everyone involved and the project realisation.

Through an emotional grandfather/grandson relationship, the trailer illustrates how the transfer of knowledge has changed in the last three generations. At the same time, it deals with the difference between analogue and digital knowledge.


Graphic and realization
Hardy Seiler

Hardy Seiler
Daniel Nauck

Jascha Müller
Jonathan Winkler

Torsten Strer

Peter Bennett

Kindly supported by:
Stefan Heijnk


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