Fundamental To Any Business Is Market Research

social media market research

market research social media plan business fundamental basic

Market Research

We have worked for many years as a business analysts helping entrepreneurs and businesses develop industry reports, market insights, and strategy.

We’ve helped over 700 clients from 15+ countries develop professional reports for their business.

We are offering to help you develop ANY/ALL of the following reports:

  1. Industry Analysis: Executive Summary, Industry Overview, Sizing, Growth rate, Drivers, Trends, Top market leaders, Segmentation, Porter’s Forces, PEST, & SWOT.
  2. Consumer Analysis: Trends, Demographics, Psychographics, Painpoints/Motivations/Needs, & Maslow’s analysis.
  3. Competitive Analysis: Key profile insights, USP, Pricing, Strengths VS Weaknesses, & Strategy.
  4. Marketing Plan: Tailored marketing strategy + Implementation.

To achieve the best results for you we involve;

  • Deep Market research report
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor Market analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Industry trends
  • Industry growth, Statistics, Demographic
  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Target Audience
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Academic research assistance
  • Area Based research
  • Contact research (company , Website , Email, phone, Address)
  • Companies Contact person(First name, Last name, URL, Company, company URL, Company size, Address)
  • Web Research

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Internet Directory of United Kingdom – free online catalog of relevant and useful web sites. Free submit a site to United Kingdom web directory and link exchange.
Internet Directory of South East of England, UK – free web directory of relevant and useful web sites of United Kingdom. Free submit a site to South East of England web directory.

How About Shouting It Out!

shoutout instagram twitter social media marketing


These are just what they suggest – you are shouting out your product, offer or brand.

These work well with Twitter and Instagram, and to varying degrees on other platforms.

Some users will often write a little blurb in their Instagram bios that they’re open to doing shoutouts. But if that user has 100K+ followers and you’ve only got 50, don’t even bother contacting them – but we have a way of doing it for you – just ask.

Like, comment or follow users before asking for a shoutout.
Manners still matter on SM. It’s only polite to engage with the users who you want to ask for a “shoutout”, and it shows that you’re interested in their content. Try giving their photos or videos a few likes, comment on them and even follow them to let them know you’re serious.

Remember, SM, including Instagram, is all about engagement. A little social media interaction can go a long way, and it’s the simplest way to network with others online.

Avoid spamming users with ‘s4s’ comments on their posts.
Some users get a little too eager about finding people to ask for a shoutout, so they end up spamming tons of photos with comments that say “s4s?” or something similar, without even looking at the account’s full Instagram profile or engaging with them first. That’s not the way to do it.

Don’t spam users for shoutouts. If you have the time, you should always find targeted users with similar content and followers, and then start out by engaging a little with them first. Alternatively, we can engage the top pages for you.

Contact users via email or Instagram Direct.
You’ve now done the research by looking for Instagram users who post content similar to what you post and have around the same amount of followers as you. You’ve resisted the temptation to ask for a “s4s” by leaving a random comment on a post, and instead took the time to engage and interact—leaving genuine non-spammy comments.

Now you can directly contact the user to ask them if they’d be interested in a shoutout. First, look for an email button (if their profile is a business account) or an email address typed in their bio. If none is listed, try reaching them instead through an Instagram Direct private message.

Reminder: Focus on Making Real Connections with Other Users
Who you know can be very powerful. We’ve seen huge accounts on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers promote each other with shoutouts several times a week, continuously.

And remember that even though big numbers look great, real engagement from active followers is what really matters. Be mindful of providing excellent content to your Instagram community, and you’ll have no problem with keeping them interested in following you.

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You Know You Should Us It, But Do You? Content Calendar Creation

content calendar creation social media marketing online make money

Content Calendar

We will create a content calendar that involves the different daily themes, posts and relevant links.

The content calendar will be simple and easy to understand. Free stock photos will be used where required unless you provide your own photos. We will go beyond typical expectations to research and curate content when needed.

This calendar will be edit-able as it is delivered as a spreadsheet.

The calendar will be customised depending on your brand’s target audience and objectives. This includes content specifically for Facebook.

Here’s the complete package:

  • Content posting calendar as a spreadsheet
  • SEO-Optimised Content topics
  • Competitor research, if necessary
  • Hashtag research for your industry
  • Free blog/page evaluation (please provide details)

Feel free to reach out if you need a custom order.

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Social Media Management – From Content Creation To Complete Account Management

social media management content creation marketing

Social Media Management

From Content Creation To Complete Account Management

social media management content creation service agency consultancy

Social Media Is Vital To Today’s Business

If you wish to stay focused on what you do best: your own products/services

We can offer a range of social media management services for anywhere in the world, that include;

  1. Strategy development
  2. Content creation for all your social media networks, focused on delivering real VALUE
  3. Post Scheduling
  4. Paid adverts management (you set the budget)
  5. Daily monitoring – responding to comments and questions and encouraging connection
  6. Blogging
  7. Advice on your overall online presence (website, email marketing, etc)
  8. Reporting
  9. Regular contact

What do you get from working with us?

Bespoke Service For Your Business: We pride ourselves in creating a bespoke tailored strategy for each client. We’ll take care of your daily social media presence. No more spending time trying tons of different stuff: with us you’ll get more results with less effort and time, because the focus is on what matters.

Overall online presence: We have been working in online marketing for over 10 years, so although now we specialise in SM. We have a successful background in other areas too, such as: blogging, SEO, email marketing, website optimisation, WordPress, and others. So, we’ll give you precious insight on your online presence as well, so you have a strong online footprint.

We will obviously need access to all of your social media accounts and website.

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Why Create Content For Social Media Marketing?

social media content creation marketing earn money online

social media content creation marketing earn money online

Content Creation

Content Marketing for Small Business

Now a number of you may be thinking, “Come on! I’ve created a website. I’ve signed up for social networks. I need to create content, too?”

If it sounds like extra work, that’s because it is. But the benefits of content marketing far outweigh the length of time, money and effort that goes into it. Let’s consider seven benefits you’ll enjoy when you make content the center of your Online marketing strategy.

1. Content Provides Consistent Value to Your Audience- And Google
Making time to create an informative website and complete your social profiles is commendable and vital to your internet marketing strategy. But once your audience has seen this information, what motivation do they have to return? Where is the ongoing value?

When you produce and disburse content consistently, you not only provide ongoing value to your audience, but you also show online search engine like Google that your content is fresh, relevant and valuable to the discussion. In other words, you give yourself a boost in the search rankings.

Tell Us Your Requirements

2. Content Marketing Produces a Shareable Commodity
Word of mouth still packs a powerful punch. Did you know that 82 percent of people still seek advice from family and friends before purchasing? Or that 67 percent say they’re at least a little most likely to buy a product friends or family recommended via social media sites or email?

The takeaway here is simple. If you bring something helpful to the table instead of just pushing a product, your audience will appreciate and share that information. And that means repeat and referral business for you!

3. Content Fuels Your Online Marketing Channels
A little content goes a long way. A post, for instance, could be shared across social networking sites, featured in your weekly email newsletter, or repurposed as an eye-catching infographic. Plus, gated content – which requires the reader to fill out a lead capture or optin form- could be used to collect data and generate new leads.

4. Content Marketing Establishes You as a Go-To Resource
Telling clients you’re available if they have any questions is a nice gesture. But wouldn’t it be better if you could illustrate your expertise consistently and earn your reputation as a go-to industry expert? Content marketing gives you that opportunity!

Want to share some knowledgeable industry statistics? Create an infographic. Would like to guide prospects through a potential process or solution? Create a how-to guide.

Each piece of interesting content you create and share via internet marketing not only builds your online reputation, but it also solidifies you as a top-of-mind resource when questions arise- when it’s time to make a purchase.

5. Content Marketing Nurtures Relationships
Perhaps the greatest feature of content marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to target specific segments of your audience, irrespective of where they are in the buying cycle, and subtly help them on their voyage towards conversion.

In the process, relationships get sturdier and bonds of loyalty form. The next thing you know, you’ve got a host of brand advocates on your hands, which only helps to broaden your following further and raise brand awareness.

6. Content Marketing Drives Repeat Business
The more valuable you are to past consumers, the more likely they are to do business with you again. Let’s say you’re a housing agent who sold a house to a client five years ago. Over the years, you have sent a few emails with market information and industry trends, but most of your emails have taken a help as opposed to sell approach.

Due to this, your client remembers your name. And on top of that, has a positive association with you. When it’s time to try to find a new home, you’re the expert to call.

7. Content Marketing Aids With Long Sales Cycles
At Let’s Talk Social Media, we help many professionals who operate in industries with long sales cycles – estate agents, Investment and financial advisers, local businesses, and many others.

In industries like these, your customers are not likely to need your services each month, every six months, or, sometimes, not for years. Within this situation, you need to communicate with past clients (and potential ones), but not in an annoying way.

And there is little that is more annoying than hearing the same “buy, buy, buy” message when you aren’t even in the marketplace and aren’t likely to be for a long time. Eventually, customers will tune out these messages. Or worse, unsubscribe altogether.

As you can see, a sturdy content marketing solution carries some benefits, and we’ve only scratched at the surface!

That said, we understand that not everyone has time to devote to developing content for online marketing. If you fall into that camp, don’t let it get you down. You don’t have to have a disadvantage. Instead, let us automate the process!

We will create custom content for your website for your daily, weekly and monthly posts to engage your audience and increase your brand awareness.

This will be unique content with 2-3 Hashtags for each post, using your keywords and business info. Content will be custom to your business, product, service, or personality.

We will add value to your social networks marketing by ensuring the following:

  • Understand your business objectives and goals
  • Identify the target market
  • Strategize and plan

Posts could be used on the social media network of your choice (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ for instance) with a mix of styles to suit all platforms, or tailored to one specific platform.

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Video Marketing Magic – Get Viewed – Get Ranked


Video Marketing

We will give you the real, organic, high quality traffic and engagement for your videos through social media channels. Your video will be shown to your targeted audience only.

Please note that, This service does NOT send you any fake visitors.

What we will do for you;

  • Related Action with Related Audience as per your video niche
  • High chances of natural and organic user engagement
  • Massively increase in Video ranking
  • You tube itself as source of traffic on video
  • 100% compliance with youtube’s TOS
  • We will Distribute your VIDEO to 90 different DESTINATIONS – All top video sites included, like YouTube, Vimeo, ailymotion, photobucket …
  • We will make your description unique to each channel
  • All videos submitted will be publicly viewable

Get Distributed… Get Viewed… Get Ranked…

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Ultra-High Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

If you are looking for high-quality PBN links and not high quantity spammy backlinks, our powerful high DA75+ PBN backlinks are for you. Only high-quality PBNs will increase your SERP rankings faster than anything else!

You will rarely find anything else as good as our PBN links at this price. Every PBN has an extremely high Domain Authority and Page Authority. Your links will be top quality from high authority websites built to look 100% natural. 🙂 THIS CANNOT BE DONE OVERNIGHT OR GOOGLE WILL REJECT THE LINK.

Main Features:
★ Extremely High DA75+ Home Page PBN links
★ 100% Manually Created Links (NO ROBOTS)
★ 100% DoFollow & Permanent Links
★ 100% UNIQUE IPs
★ Unique Readable Article (500+ words) with Image
★ 1 Keyword per Post
★ All Domains Indexed on Google
★ Fastest Ranking Improvement
★ Get Bonus Links This Week!

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Getting The Right Facebook Audiences For Your Business

Facebook Audiences

Do You Want To Reach Potential Buyers That Are Interested And Willing To Pay For Your Product Or Service?
OR Have You Tried Running Ads On FACEBOOK And End Up Losing Money With No Profits To Show?

If YES…then you need a hand that can help you research and target potential buyers so you can target and drive them to your offer.

Drive huge traffic (potential buyers who have interest in your offer) to your URL without loosing huge money for ads… When you set up and run your laser targeted ads YOU’LL SEE AN EXCELLENT RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

Facebook is a tremendous way to increase exposure and traffic for your business, create loyal customers and generate leads and sales.

Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users and over 50 million other businesses using it. The question now is what can you do that will make this stats reflect on your page – generating massive leads and sales to your page as an entrepreneur?

Report of your potential buyers will provided;

  • Facebook Page Name and Links
  • Category of the Page (Magazine, Community, Book, Website etc)
  • Total Page Likes etc.
  • All you have to do is copy and paste them into the FB audience insight to run your ads profitably

Save yourself the stress
Save time and energy
Spend less (Refresh Your Audience Regularly, At Least Every 6 Months)
Get huge ROI (More sales, More profit!)

Are you ready to generate those traffic, leads, and sales?

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Your Social Media Audit & Report

Social Media Audit

A Social Media Audit will help you in maximising your results from Social Media

Quite often you will see a business owner getting huge sales/leads from their social media efforts. On the other hand, another almost identical business owner is using the same channels for his business but their results are zero.

The difference is simply that the first one is putting his efforts, time and money in the right direction and the right platforms. The second one is just posting for the sake of posting content and not monitoring the results. They are not aware how Social Media can 10X his business.

Your Audit report will standout from the crowd. This will give you a clear roadmap to your business success through Social Media.

In this report, you will learn exactly;

  • What you should do
  • What you shouldn’t do

Don’t be another part of the crowd throwing good money after bad. Let the professionals help you in growing your business.

It’s time to 10X your results.

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Setting Up Your Social Media Estate

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a fantastic method to establish branding, increase your company or product visibility & build a high reputation for your business and/or website. This is most effective off page SEO strategy to ranking your website higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

So do you need high PR social media setup for your business? Then this is the right place for you!

We can create, setup and optimise high PR Social Media Sites professionally for your business promotion.

* All sites/accounts/profiles will be verified by mail/phone confirmation
* Custom url for all possible media [I.E:]
* Humanise & customize profiles with – your logo/pic, bio, address, web url
* All pages will be fully branded with all links and relevant information
* Detailed report with all profile info & access details

Note: We will need to know if this for Personal or Business set up when ordering. You need to provide Website or promotional url, logo/pic, Business name, Address, web url and any existing Social Media Accounts etc.

Order Your Service HERE



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Is Your WordPress Website Slow To Load And Browse?


Is Your Website Down??

WordPress is a great platform. One weakness that it suffers from, however, is it can be quite slow.

As a website and business owner, the impact of your website speed on traffic, conversions and revenue should not be underestimated; research conducted by Akamai  discovered that 47% of people expect a web page to load in less than two seconds, and that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

A study in 2010 by Gomez, titled “Why Web Performance Matters: Is Your Site Driving Customers Away?”, that interviewed 1,500 consumers about how website performance impacts their shopping experience, revealed that during peak traffic periods …

… more than 75% of consumers left for a competitor’s website instead of suffering a delay.

Many other studies have been published on the impact of website speed, and a study by Aberdeen Group found that a one second delay in site loading time resulted in a 7% decrease in conversions, an 11% decrease in pageviews and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

So Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Site?

Studies show that from 2000 to 2016, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds.

What does this mean for you as a website owner?

You have very little time to show users your content and convince them to stay on your website.
A slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.

On top of that, Google and other search engines have already started penalising slower websites by pushing them down in the search results which means lower traffic/potential customers for slow websites.

What We Can Do For You!

We Can Speed Your Website UP to achieve a Google Speed Rank of over 75. This means your site would be in the top 8% of WordPress Websites. For the cost of one or two client’s you could achieve many more sales.


  • We can change the “back office” setting to keep you fully optimised.
  • We can do all this in less than 10 days – typically only 7 on average.
  • We can make you quicker, slicker and more efficient for dealing with those inbound leads
  • You can take on more work and make more money.


To sum it all up

if you want more traffic, subscribers, and revenue from your website, then you must make your WordPress website


buy now

Ask us about any discounts that may be available


Hall of Names – Would You Do Business With These?


So many companies allow unhappy customers do their marketing for them.

For the cost of a family dinner in a restaurant per month, we can repair, manage and monitor your reputation for you.

And These Reviews Are There For A VERY Long Time!

Would you buy from these companies?

Aldwick Drives, Bognor Regis















Apple Cleaning, Chichester

Bargate Homes, Eastleigh, Hants


Carpet News, Fareham


Carpet News, Portsmouth

Carpetright Fareham

Carpetright Portsmouth

Cheerful Char Domestic Cleaning, Winchester

Cornerstone, Ringwood


D3R, Chichester

Daniells Harrison, Fareham

Discount Wharehouse Carpets, Totton


Ergo Computing, Nottingham

Gosport & Fareham Domestics, Fareham

HGP Architects, Fareham

In 2 Kitchens, Portsmouth

Kings Carpets, Portsmouth

Lemon Tree Flooring, Southampton

M A Hart Ashphalt & Macadam, New Milton

Mastercovers, Portsmouth

M B Paving, Bournemouth

Multi-Turn Limited, Winchester

Neptune, Winchester

Paul Radford, Carpenter & Joiner, Southampton

Pave The Way, Southampton

Prezzo, Fareham

Rainbow International, Eastleigh

Rawsons the Florist, Fareham

Roxy Mobile, Bournemouth

Shop Services Interiors, Southampton

Solent Wholesale Carpets, Chichester

Solutions inc, Chichester

Tapi Carpets & Floors, Southampton

The Titchfield Mill, Fareham

All screenshots were taken in September/October 2017


Want To Manage Your Online Reputation? Please complete the details below and we will be in touch.

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