Is Your WordPress Website Slow To Load And Browse?


Is Your Website Down??

WordPress is a great platform. One weakness that it suffers from, however, is it can be quite slow.

As a website and business owner, the impact of your website speed on traffic, conversions and revenue should not be underestimated; research conducted by Akamai  discovered that 47% of people expect a web page to load in less than two seconds, and that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

A study in 2010 by Gomez, titled “Why Web Performance Matters: Is Your Site Driving Customers Away?”, that interviewed 1,500 consumers about how website performance impacts their shopping experience, revealed that during peak traffic periods …

… more than 75% of consumers left for a competitor’s website instead of suffering a delay.

Many other studies have been published on the impact of website speed, and a study by Aberdeen Group found that a one second delay in site loading time resulted in a 7% decrease in conversions, an 11% decrease in pageviews and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

So Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Site?

Studies show that from 2000 to 2016, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds.

What does this mean for you as a website owner?

You have very little time to show users your content and convince them to stay on your website.
A slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.

On top of that, Google and other search engines have already started penalising slower websites by pushing them down in the search results which means lower traffic/potential customers for slow websites.

What We Can Do For You!

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To sum it all up

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How one school district is monitoring student and teacher social media | Naked Security

IYC Ed: Monitoring of social media (or any other) smacks of cold war treatment in communist countries, but is a very real need today, not least for children’s protection. Is this snooping, the same as looking at kids diaries when you were growing up, necessary? A good thing? Intrusive? Tell us what you think.

by Lisa Vaas on July 31, 2015 | 6 Comments

Filed Under: Facebook, Featured, Law & order, Privacy, Social networks, Twitter

Does your child ever tweet that she”hates” her math teacher?

Does he write that he’s so embarrassed he could jump off a bridge?

Do her posts ever mention being bullied, or does she use them to make fun of other kids?

Are you, as a parent, even aware of everything your kids post?

Even if you aren’t on top of everything your child posts, your kid’s school well might be, given all the social media monitoring software on the market.

If you live in Florida’s Orange County, those kind of posts could mean school officials come looking into whatever’s going on.

That’s because Orange County is one of the latest school districts to start monitoring all of the thousands of social media posts made by both students and teachers.

It’s doing so with a new monitoring software called Snaptrends that monitors social media posts from all accounts in its location.

The school district reportedly paid $14,000 for a one-year Snaptrends license.

That buys the district’s schools the ability to search thousands of posts on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, hunting for keywords that might indicate trouble.

School officials say that the goal is to flag potential dangers including cyberbullying, suicide and crime.

Joie Cadle of the Orange County School Board told WESH TV that the monitoring will alert school administrators to kids sending potentially serious threats via social media:

If they are sitting in a classroom and they are tweeting because they are mad at their teacher or their girlfriend for whatever reason, and there are some threatening words there, we need to be able to know if it is credible.

It’s not like the posts are private. As Snaptrends’ privacy policy notes, the technology only sifts through public posts.

But opponents of the school’s new snooping effort, which was announced in April, say it’s not the fact that their kids are being surveilled that’s disturbing them.

Rather, it’s the unanswered question of just what, exactly the school district plans to do with the information it collects.

WESH TV quotes Cindy Hamilton, co-founder of Opt Out Orlando:

My privacy issues aren’t with the fact that they’re just out there looking at it, because frankly, with social media it’s not private. But what are they going to do with the information they look at? That’s what we’re concerned about.

When it announced the monitoring, the school district said it will:

[U]se the software to conduct routine monitoring for purposes of prevention or early intervention of potential issues where students or staff could be at risk to themselves or to others.

The company will assist district law enforcement and security personnel in monitoring publicly available social media communications that are relevant to school operations and personnel.

Florida isn’t the only state to turn to monitoring in the face of school shootings, violence and bullying.

As CNN reported last year, the school system in Huntsville, Alabama, hired a retired FBI agent for security work, which included reviewing social media”when a high priority tip is received about an emerging threat to a school, student or staff member,” as a school district spokesman said.

As well, the Glendale school district in Los Angeles in 2012 made the controversial decision to pay the firm Geo Listening $40,500 to monitor its students’ social media activity on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The impetus to look into the technology was the suicides of two students. The final decision to pay for the monitoring was made after a pilot program helped administrators step in when yet another student used social media to talk about”ending his life.”

The Orange County School District hasn’t detailed how officials will decide what, precisely, to review.

Some technologies might just search social media posts, but others are more akin to tools you might expect to see in the arsenals of government surveillance agencies.

Safe Outlook Corporation’s monitoring software CompuGuardian, for example, gives school administrators not only the ability to search keywords connected to cyberbullying and drug use, but also to delve into students’ search histories to see if they’re researching topics about dangers such as school violence.

CNN quotes Safe Outlook President David Jones:

You can identify a student, and you can jump into their activity logs and see exactly what they’ve typed, exactly where they’ve gone, exactly what they’ve done, and it gives you some history that you can go back to that child and use some disciplinary action.

You can bring in the parent and say,’Hey, look, this is what your child’s doing. You need to talk to them about it.’

Interestingly enough, and hardly surprising, is the fact that Snaptrends is reportedly also in use by the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange, which is the local law enforcement Fusion Center.

A Fusion Center is a center set up to”analyze information and identify trends to share timely intelligence with federal, state, and local law enforcement including [Department of Homeland Security], which then further shares this information with other members of the Intelligence Community.”

As such, it’s not surprising that, just like with the Feds’ propensity to amass vast troves of surveillance data about citizens, so too are opponents pointing to monitoring software’s collection of anything and everything, including both potentially threatening or perfectly innocent content.

From a post against the surveillance, written by Florida attorney Scott Martin:

Snaptrends is a type of social media scraper/aggregator that collects social media information in mass. The data are scooped up by an automated process without regard to the nature of the content – good, bad, or indifferent.

But what guarantees are there that the social media information collected by the District will be limited to… benevolent purposes? What policies are in place? Who can access the data? What conclusions are being drawn from the data? Who is drawing those conclusions? What standards are they using in making decisions based on captured data?

All these questions should be answered before any such tool is put in place, Martin says.


6 Responses

Jake · 22 days ago

Great article here. I wonder what the process will be with parental notifications and potential legal consequences for the parents themselves. Also, I don’t hear the EFF complaining about this – go figure. Reply

Joe · 20 days ago

Great. I remember when we used to joke about Russian and Cuban informants spying on citizens. Old and Jaded. Back to the USSA. Reply

thispageinetntionallyleftblank · 19 days ago

It is time to go dark, to go offline, and leave the matrix. The purpose of the internet is to allow corporations and governments the power to spy on people. Reply

MayVaneDay · 19 days ago

Couldn’t a student subvert this kind of surveillance by not putting a location on their profile, using a pseudonym, and using Tor or a VPN if allowed on the network? Reply

Cab Essen · 18 days ago

The US Department of Education needs to enforce privacy protections under FERPA for any data that schools collect on students. Reply

Grumpy · 17 days ago

I agree that if these tactics are put into place – that should happen AFTER well thought out policies are published. I also suppose that the next step will be that the students will be forced to”register” their social media accounts with the school?

I suppose that we should consider social media posts as being”shouted from the rooftops” as opposed to”whispered in the corner”.

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How Best to Build Your LinkedIn Profile: See Our Resume Example and Format

LinkedIn has often been referred to as your “online CV.” This assertion is quite accurate as there are similarities between a LinkedIn profile and a CV. However the tool that is LinkedIn is so much more powerful, that many people do not realise just how important a tool it can be.

 LinkedIn Profile Explanation

At the top of any LinkedIn profile is a box section containing some of what I’d call the basic detail about each user. As this box is the first thing that a LinkedIn user would see when landing on your LinkedIn profile, this box is incredibly powerful AND extremely important in conveying so much more than “Director” or “Administrator”.

Here are some tips for anybody to make the most of each area and the 142 characters in the headline:

1. The Profile Photo is important and should be a professional-looking headshot with either a plain or business backdrop. Unlike CVs, it is important to include a professional photo on LinkedIn, as this is a professional network. Pictures of you on a beach with a rum punch, frolicking by the pool or your family pet show you in a frivolous light.

2. Your First and last name; although there is also the option of including a former or maiden name as well.

3. Headline section is where many people waste their opportunity. This is where each individual LinkedIn user’s tagline can be placed and you have various options. LinkedIn will automatically populate the headline with the most recent position that you listed in the “Experience” section of a profile, but this is a fully customisable area.

4. Location and Industry. Keywords or phrases can also be used here or, if seeking a specific location for work, that location for their profile. Some people use a tag line or a solutions statement, other use their various positions. The key here is that they are high priority search items and will help you show up in search results.

5. Current and Previous Experience and Education are automatically populated based on what a user inputs into the “Experience” and “Education” sections of their profile.

6. Number of connections. This provides an indication of your LinkedIn status up to 500. Over 500 it simply lists 500+.

7. Contact Information section, this is where you can list things like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, Twitter accounts, and websites or blogs. This can then provide good SEO backlinks to a company website. Employees should be encouraged to maximise this free facility to assist the company get better SEO results.

8. Public Profile URL is the link which members can send to other people by email or attach to a CV or resume, allowing the recipient to view what is called a “public profile”. LinkedIn provides this member’s URL normally with a string of random numbers but this can be customised to contain something easily recognisable, like a name, personal brand or shortened version of a name.

9. This is a button that used by a prospecting tool called “Salesloft” which many businesses use.

Lets Talk Social Media provide training on LinkedIn Profile construction and how to use LinkedIn for Business use. Contact us at

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