Children as an Advertisement Audience: Interpretation of Advertisement Through Drawings

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As a form of communication, advertising is one of the most important tool of marketing, announcer of goods, brands, products and services for existing customers and potential target audiences through traditional and new media. Reaching by wide audience, television is still, one of the most powerful, traditional and “dateless” advertising medium. TV as a commercial medium, achieves to create “consumers” and has pervasive influence on children and adolescents. Currently, children and child related marketing is unquestionably one of the most appreciated divisions in the part of marketing communication.Childish world has been long integrated to adult world within the pull-push power of technology and market economy. The advertisements that the children face any time and everywhere, as a consequence of technological development, play a key role in explaining the outside world by occupying their mental agenda and support them to socialize as a consumer. Current study is an endeavor to discover the image of „Television advertisements‟ in child’s mind, who not only promotes the consumption in the family, but also is a consumer by him/herself. “What is TV advertisement for children?”

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