Empower English Language Learners With Tools From the Web

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Discover how Web 2.0 tools can advance English language learning!

Today’s interactive Web tools offer teachers of English language learners a wealth of opportunities to inspire and motivate their students. Aligned with national TESOL standards, this user-friendly, research-based guide shows how Web 2.0 tools can improve English language proficiency and build 21st-century skills. Readers will find:

  • Relevant descriptions of a wide range of Web tools, from blogs and podcasts to social networking and more 
  • Classroom-ready projects and tips for elementary, middle, and high school students 
  • Guidelines to support safe and appropriate Internet use

A step-by-step guide for a wide range of relevant Web tools/activities, from blogs and podcasts
Classroom-ready projects designed to benefit learners” social and academic language development
Guidance on how and when to use Web tools with elementary, middle, and high school students
Personal narratives from teachers who have successfully used Web tools to teach English language learners
Teacher-tested and parent-approved guidelines for safe and appropriate Internet useSupport your students

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