Fighting Boats For A Fighting Navy: The World War II PT Boats in Contemporary Advertisements, Supplemental Color Edition

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PT boats captured the imagination of the American public during WW2. From the darkest days of 1941 and 1942, the PTs were bravely slugging it out with the overwhelming Japanese invasion forces. PTs extracted MacArthur from Manila, and when he returned, it was on a PT. The PTs were nimble and quick, and packed a wallop. They were Davids to the Axis Goliaths. And the crews-what young man wouldn’t want to be a dashing PT sailor? This collection of WW2 ads follows the PTs and their crews from those dark early days to the final victory and the promise of carefree yachting in the ensuing peace. The ads in this volume are some of the most interesting of those PT ads originally published in color. Also look for the companion volume, “Fighting Boats for a Fighting Navy: Black & White Collection”, which contains these same ads in grey tones, and a much larger number of additional ads originally published in black & white.

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