First Page Position of Google And Stay There!

For A Limited Time Only! We Will Get You Onto Page 1 Of Google To Participate In The 83% Of Searches That Don’t Go Past Page 1 & SEO Your Site Over Three, Six or 12 Months To Keep You There For A Fixed Price.

So, If your competitors rank and you don’t 
This one comes down to research. If they’re besting you in search engines, you’ll need to do a deep dive into what exactly they’re doing differently. It could be your front page, descriptions, keyword combinations or actual layout that fails.

You’ll want to look at how each of your competitors rank organically compared to you when it comes to keywords, as well as focus on activity like social shares, backlinks and overall user experience.

Often companies need SEO help here. Our company can help do a deep dive.

You don’t show up regularly on Google maps.
You have to claim your Google MyBusiness page and make sure you’re listed correctly in the right local directories. Check that all your contact information is accurate & consistent on all channels – if they are, search engine bots or crawlers will be more likely to rank your business in searches. On top of that, you have to build respect in the search engines’ eyes by being linked with authority sites; both paid and free.

In fact, building more links is, according to Google, “critical to building traction, attention, and traffic from the (search) engines.”

We can help businesses develop and execute content that receives positive press and linkbacks.

Traffic is in direct correlation to exposure and most websites fail to get local exposure because they have insufficient authority.

So What Do We Promise To Do For You?

  • We will provide you with Page 1 In Google Searches usually within a month, often much earlier.
  • We will make changes to your website text to ensure you are clear, and consistent in your message.
  • We will monitor your results through calls or emails from these changes and make changes as necessary.
  • We will build your website authority and importance by linking you with the “right” websites.
  • We will continue to build your reference by commissioning a set of 50 articles to be placed in strategic article directories.
  • We will do all this for a fixed monthly cost for up to 12 months.
  • We will provide a discount for payments made more than 3 months in advance – quarterly advance payment is the norm.

The work we will do in the background will continue month on month until you are embedded in place on Page 1 of Google for as many profitable and effective keywords as possible.

Just call our non-geo/Skype number

0207 097 1434

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