Get Noticed: Your 2016 SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing Guidebook (Increasing Website Traffic) (Volume 7)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be quite confusing. Using Social Media can be worse. And writing killer content that people love? Boy, that can be tough. The good news is that tons of experts have discussed these topics in-depth all throughout the past year. Buying this book will give you all of that discussion, fill you in on all of those topics It’s full of the most useful articles from 2015, plus tons of commentary on them and analysis of their findings. That’s right – this is content curation. What I’ve done is the same thing I did with my 2015 guidebook, which was called Stand Out. I’ve spent the year compiling the best posts on SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing from 2015. It’s collected here for you, compiled and sorted so it makes sense. That’s valuable. Don’t let this critical information pass you by. While it’s true you could go back through the archives on those sites, and tons of others I’ve visited, why would you want to? Instead get this book and get noticed in 2016. Isn’t it time?

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