Get Social: How to Use Social Media for Healthcare Marketing: strategies for connecting with your patients

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Get Social publications center on sharing strategies for connecting with your patients. In this book, you’ll learn how to leverage social media to strengthen relationships with your existing healthcare patients as well as how to position your products or services to a brand new audience that has healthcare needs. Throughout the book, Lisa Wells shares real-life business examples and success stories from her marketing career that spans more than 20 years of professional experiences with health care providers on three continents. Each chapter provides easy-to-understand analogies that bring technical steps down to the level of a beginning or non-technical person. At the end of each section, Wells also offers additional resources for extended learning on specific marketing topics. Get Social: How to Use Social Media for Healthcare Marketing is an easy, entertaining read that will help you visualize ways to take your social media campaigns to a new level. So what are you waiting for? The first step to getting social is to get started with Chapter 1.

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