Grasping Social Media: The social media journey of a baby boomer

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Until recently, “socializing” was a clear and concise concept—the direct interaction with others, in person. Today, there is an increasing number of ways to communicate with friends, family, and even strangers and businesses. What at first seemed quite preposterous to some, who may still treat it with skepticism, social media has become a worldwide phenomenon that is clearly not going away.

Grasping Social Media is Matt English’s personal journey to understanding and accepting social media as a driver of social change with enormous potential and opportunity. In it, he shares a process of shifting focus from concern over the loss of traditional personal contact and conversation to the positive outcomes of greater connection, community, and collaboration that the Internet provides.

This guide addresses how to prepare for the transition and how to enjoy the experience; it also describes what challenges to expect and even how social media is a key to improving business models. At its heart, English’s social media story is about how we can all benefit, personally and professionally, from this enormous social network that continues to rapidly evolve right before our eyes.

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