Handbook of Service Marketing Research (Research Handbooks in Business and Management Series)

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This is an essential resource for managers and scholars interested in services marketing. It covers the topic comprehensively and in novel ways. All the luminaries in the field are represented. Buy this book and you will be up to date on the field.
– Valarie Zeithaml, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, US

The Handbook of Service Marketing Research brings together an all-star team of leading researchers in service marketing to explore many of the hottest topics in service marketing today.

Cutting-edge topics include: customer relationships and loyalty, customer-centered metrics, managing customer contacts, product and pricing, digital service marketing, rethinking the marketing function, and service for society. This book, which includes authors from both academia and industry, will provide academics with an invaluable current view of the field and practitioners with a window into the latest academic thinking.

With chapters from internationally renowned contributors, this comprehensive yet concise Handbook will appeal to service marketing academics, researchers and service practitioners.

Contributors: M. Archpru Akaka, L. Aksoy, L. Anderson, T.W. Andreassen, S.F.M. Beckers, M.J. Bitner, R.N. Bolton, A. Buoye, J.W. Choi, R.M. Christopher, T.S. Chung, T.S. Dagger, P.S. Danaher, A. De Keyser, C. Dev, B. Edvardsson, S. Fay, R.P. Fisk, C. Frennea, A. Gustafsson, M.-H. Huang, C. Ishida, P.K. Kannan, T.L. Keiningham, P. Kristensson, V. Kumar, S.K. Kwan, T. van Laer, B. Larivière, R.F. Lusch, D. Mathras, H. Melton, V. Mittal, R.L. Oliver, A.L. Ostrom, P. Patterson, W. Reinartz, H. Risselada, R.T. Rust, K. de Ruyter, C. Schulze, S.M. Shugan, B. Skiera, J. Spohrer, S. Streukens, S.A. Taylor, B. Tronvoll, W. Ulaga, N. Umashankar, S.L. Vargo, P.C. Verhoef, H.S. Wang, M. Wedel, R.A. Westbrook, L. Williams, L. Witell, J. Xie, T. Yu

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