Healthcare Social Media: Transformation 3.0

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While other industries have embraced social media, healthcare is still lagging behind. A widespread misconception among practitioners is that social media has only one function—the recruitment of new patients. This is a limited view preventing professionals from tapping into social media’s true power.

In Healthcare Social Media, Gary W. Lawson, DPA, argues that to stay ahead of the competition, healthcare providers need to continuously reevaluate the role technology plays in their practice. Social media tools can maximize quality of care, improve patient outcomes, record patient progress, streamline collaboration among colleagues, and increase profits.

Owner of Lawson Social Media, one of the largest healthcare social media companies in Southern California, Lawson guides healthcare professionals through the pervasive and sometimes confusing world of social networks, demonstrating the advantages they bring to an industry moving toward evidence-based modalities and more affordable care.

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