Hillstrom’s Hashtag Analytics: A Soup-To-Nuts Methodology For Understanding Why Social Media Communities Grow Or Die Over Time

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In this quick and fascinating read, Kevin Hillstrom shows us that entire social media communities can be analyzed and understood via a methodology called “Hashtag Analytics”. Mr. Hillstrom avoids trendy topics like “followers” and “influencers”, focusing instead on the dynamics surrounding a social media community. This unique analytical framework allows one to identify the reasons why a social media community grows and thrives over time. Not surprisingly, Mr. Hillstrom identifies “kindness” as one of the key factors in the growth of a social media community, and is able to forecast the growth of a community based on the amount of kindness offered by community participants. Mr. Hillstrom walks us through a case study of the #blogchat community, a weekly discussion group hosted by esteemed social media expert Mack Collier, illustrating fascinating dynamics behind tweets, statements, re-tweets, amplifications, conversations, and links. The reader gains a thorough understanding of the reasons why a social media community grows or dies over time.

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