How To Shape Human Behavior (2nd Edition): 63 Specialists. 38 Agencies. 662 Advertising, Branding, Marketing & Public Relations Solutions (Volume 2)

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The Entrepreneur’s problems are two-fold: 1.) Over 50% of small businesses fail within the first 4 years due to many reasons including incompetence, the entrepreneur loses hope, lack of market awareness, wrongly anticipated costs, ack of clear focus, bad advice from family and friends, strategic marketing mistakes. 2.) Over 20,000 officially registered new products and services are introduced around the world each month. Unofficially this number could easily be in the hundreds of thousands. In general, nearly all of these entrepreneurs are confronted with the same problems, opportunities, and mindsets of our generation and draw inspiration from the same mainstream publications, sources and websites. In fact, as you are developing and researching your business ideas right now, it’s inevitable that at this very moment a handful of other entrepreneurs around the world are feverishly working on nearly identical products and services as yours. It’s also quite possible that they may even be more financially backed, have a better idea than yours and be closer to launching their startup than you are. So what are you going to do about it? How To Shape Human Behavior (2nd Edition) is a powerful solution for startups and small businesses and a powerful resource for the serious entrepreneur. It combines the experience and advice of advertising, public relations, and branding professionals from leading agencies around the world. Successful entrepreneurs don’t sell products and services; successful entrepreneurs shape human behavior. The more intimately you understand the mechanisms and inner-workings of behavior modification, the more control you have over the future of your business decisions. In the hands of an entrepreneur, applicable knowledge of the human mind is priceless. Whether you’re a new startup creating your branding strategy or an established business looking to add a fresh new perspective to your brand, How To Shape Human Behavior (2nd Edition) offers you professional insight into every important phase in business development needed to build a successful, consumer-centered business. Questions addressed in this white paper: – How does the advertising process work? – I want to hire a professional agency or freelance. How can I tell the good from the bad? – What are misconceptions brands commonly have about advertising? – How can I create my own inspiring creative brief? – I have a small advertising budget, any advice?

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