Indexed: The end of social media

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Hallvard looked around the garage, somewhat in surprise of how empty it still was, there should be other cars at this hour. Then Hallvard noticed the total silence. Not just where he stood, but the entire city seemed to be in a deep sleep. No cars, no bikes, no planes in the air. Nothing. Nothing at all. What was going on? There was no warning to the people of the world. Using your phone to tune in to limitless information seems so easy. You have more friends on your friends list than you could ever meet in person. There is no moment in the day that you have nothing to do. Always a new message, a status update or a funny movie. But what makes this all possible? What systems control the content you watch? Which systems know what you will be reading? Just imagine what will happen if these systems get stronger, much stronger. What if those systems control everything, control even you. What if your trusty phone is no longer your friend. But your mortal enemy? Learn to survive in a new world. One without a like button. Good luck, you will need it.