Insightful Knowledge – An Enlightened View of Social Media Strategy & Marketing

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An Excellent Business Guide for the Thorough Comprehension and Execution of Social Media Marketing and Adapting Into a Social Business!

Social media has changed the game, and mastering all aspects of social media marketing is absolutely crucial.  Social media marketing has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must have” – the ability for companies to succeed online is no longer a viable option without it.  Social media communications can be intimidating.  The best way to deal with the trepidation is education.

Top marketing expert and social business strategist Stephen Monaco guides you through the strategies and marketing tactics that make up the best practices for successful social media marketing, and all the components interrelated to social marketing initiatives.

Monaco gives you everything you need to create and implement your own social media strategy with confidence. With the social media market being over $7 billion in 2012, you should invest ample time creating your customized social media strategy.  Insightful Knowledge is the tool you need to create that plan.

If you are looking for a book authored by someone who has been there as an employee, a successful entrepreneur and business owner, a pioneer in online communities, a leader and strong social community advocate with powerful marketing expertise – has effectively created marketing strategies and tactics in multiple industries over 25 years –  Insightful Knowledge is for you.

It will help you…

  • if you don’t know where to start with your social media initiatives
  • if you’ve started your social media initiatives but don’t know if you’re on the right track
  • if your social media initiatives aren’t  tied to specific business objectives
  • if you don’t use social media monitoring / listening platforms tools
  • if you don’t know what consumers are saying about your brand online
  • if you’re not engaging consumers with relevant content across multiple platforms
  • if you no longer know how to reach potential customers
  • if the rapid tempo of today’s business makes it difficult to adapt to change

Insightful Knowledge is the only resource you will need to understand what social media means to your business and how to create your strategy for implementation to keep your business relevant and develop a more productive relationship with your customers and prospects than you have ever had.

Complete with examples across all industries, written in an easy to understand format and without all the confusing jargon.  You’ll utilize this book as a resource, keep it handy, and refer back to it for many years to come.

Foreword by 12-Time Emmy Award Winner, Sarah Hill

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