Intimate Marketing: Social Networking is Not Enough: How to Make Customers Love You Forever!

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“Intimate Marketing, undoubtedly the most enjoyable and practical management book of the decade, is a must-read for marketers everywhere who want to ensure they are winning their customers’ hearts for a lifetime.”
– Bestselling author John Tschohl,(hailed as the “Guru of Customer Service” by USA Today, Time, and Entrepreneur magazines)

What is the Kama Sutra of marketing? What are the secret laws of contact that will make your customers love you forever? This one-of-a-kind marketing novel illuminates methods of intimate marketing through a revolutionary narrative exploring one intimate relationship and highlighting “state of the heart” practices.

Storytelling is a powerful communication tool that is becoming more and more recognized in the business community, and this book constitutes a “first” in the world: a marketing novel. It may not be the best novel you’ve ever read or will read, but if you pay attention to what people remember after reading business and management books, you will find that they remember the narratives. Intimate Marketing is a different kind of book. You will no longer forget the way to attract, and keep, customers, or how to use the theory of contact called the Kama Sutra of marketing. It will change the way you think about marketing, sales, and customer service.

In an increasingly global and highly competitive business world, it may seem like a paradox that the best course of action is to establish a one-on-one rapport with each customer, using many of the same good habits you would in a personal relationship. Whether through social networks or loyalty programs, your efforts are only effective if they truly hit home–one customer at a time.

To illuminate how to build a lifelong foundation with customers, international author and communication expert Gil Peretz creates a narrative around a romance in New York City. As Elaine and Daniel nurture their attraction, Intimate Marketing draws parallels in how a productive relationship plays out in the business arena. Not only does Peretz detail this through his I.N.T.I.M.A.T.E anagram of the eight characteristics of an effective customer courtship, he also identifies the eight problems that can compromise relationships–including how betrayal is a detriment to business.

Gil Peretz is one of the world’s leading authorities on communication, marketing and sales training. For more than twenty-five years, he has helped many global Fortune 500 companies unleash their sales teams’ potential. Gil’s clients include international organizations such as Microsoft, Motorola, Coca-Cola, IBM, Allergan, Merck, Teva, Swiss International Air Lines, HP, Hertz, Orange, Ericsson, Hilton, British American Tobacco, Manpower, Dun & Bradstreet, Comverse, Citroen, Lee Cooper, Delta, and many more.

His revolutionary marketing novel, Intimate Marketing, guides you through the thinking, the tactics, and the techniques that foster loyal customer relationships for the long haul. In just three hours of reading time, this “state of the heart” book will change the way you think about customer relations. Engaging, accessible, and packed with expert advice that is certain to translate to improved relationships with customers, Intimate Marketing provides a breakthrough way for readers to absorb and retain the book’s wealth of information.

It is a must-read for marketers everywhere who want to ensure they are servicing their customers as effectively as possible–and winning their hearts for a lifetime. If you enjoy books written by Ken Blanchard, Seth Godin, Spencer Johnson, or Mark Victor Hansen, add Intimate Marketing to your arsenal of success tools.

Intimate Marketing will transform your marketing and sales thinking in a way no other book can. It might just be your marketing book of the decade!

Apply the secrets of Intimate Marketing before your competitors do, and achieve unprecedented heights in your business performance.