Is Local Marketing With Social Media More Effective Than Google Search?


Many small businesses have a website that is their brochure and a lot of small businesses don’t know if anyone looks at it. They probably have social links on the page but who clicks on those? They spend on advertising in the local press and print leaflets but they can’t measure the Return on Investment (ROI) on those… And they really need to drive sales and footfall.

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Why local or small business social media marketing works

We all know what social media is right? Well, those reading this should do..! It’s probably obvious that social media (i.e. talking to people) is a great tool for Internet Marketing to Smart People — it really helps to build relationships with fans and customers. It’s basically free but takes some time to get around and if you make the effort to post regularly and stick to it you will reap the benefits with an improving sales graph – which at the end of the day is what it’s all about.

How Local Businesses Should Size Up & Tackle Social Media

social media marketing local profits more footfallThe most frequently asked question posed these days at events, webinars and new client meetings is “What is the best social media platform for my local business?”

Research shows social channels are becoming more important signals in major search engine algorithms that affect the entire SEO and local search landscape. However, effective local and social media marketing can be a time-consuming and daunting, yet important, effort for local businesses.

Before engaging in a hands-on, local-social marketing effort, it is a good idea to take a step back and look at your overall objectives. What are you trying to accomplish? And, equally as important, ask yourself how the various platforms can boost business through leads, branding and driving traffic. Consider what is most important to you, given the type of business you run. Can it be more efficient to get specialist help?


like local search marketing media local businessWhat Can We Do For You?

Running a Social Media suite of platforms alongside any business can be time consuming and frustrating, with taking pictures, editing or branding them, changing between sites, logging in, uploading images, creating some text to accompany the posts, etc, etc, etc.

“We can provide greater exposure for your ads, posts etc to millions of people per week, several times a week and increase your website traffic, enquiries and downloads.”

We will correct and enter details for up to 14 “local search engines” (over the first 3 months) and ensure that any pages are claimed accurately.

We recommend a minimum period of 6 months to see any identifiable change (although you will see lots of changes early on & like/share increases almost immediately).

We will post;

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  • Viral and trending images and offers in groups, and
  • Post viral and trending videos in your category that engage visitors
  • Provide the backlinks to your website/fanpage
  • Create a regular posting regime to keep your fan pages live
  • Incorporate any campaigns you may have

This will create a wave of traffic and more purchasers both immediately and build up over time as they get familiar with your name.

Why is that important?get local business noticed on social media viral video content

If Facebook see that your page is providing good, solid, engaging material, they push you up the rankings and allow you more flexibility and promotion go-go juice. Similarly, if Google sees you being successful on Facebook, their rating of your connected website also gets go-go juice and climbs the rankings.

Couple all this with expanded managed platform work such as Pinterest, Twitter and even LinkedIn, and you have a suite of social media networking tools pushing your products and services either locally, nationally or internationally; and we can handle it all for you.

If you want to run paid ad campaigns, this will of course be extra and if you want us to create the graphics, we can do that too!

Your Next Steps ….

If you have got a dead or dying Facebook page, or you are a new business, you need to purchase the package here which includes all of the above points – we will provide you with monthly reports.

Initially we will send you a questionnaire for most of the information we need (sometimes they change their criteria) and we will tell you what to expect.

We will set up your entire business, so that you

can crush your competition!


Monthly Subscription of £350 – Silver Package now with £20 off! (usual price £370)


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