Jeep & Willys Advertisements 1945-1969

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Jeep & Willys Advertisements 1945-1969. Take a nostalgic tour through history. Experience the style and hype of the automobile advertising industry from the glory days of cars. This CD-Rom includes over 200 Jeep magazine ads as they appeared during the period. They’re all here: the classic WWII type Jeep, the Jeepsters, the Jeep Wagons, the Willys autos and more. This collection of magazine ads starts in 1945 and proceeds through 1969. Also included are 2 videos chronicling the history of the famous Jeep. All ads may be printed directly from the software or may be copied to disk or the clipboard for processing in any graphics package. HI-Tech Software titles are for Windows Xp/Vista/7 and later.

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