Marketing for the self-employed: How to succeed in self-employment

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Marketing for the self-employed: How to succeed in self-employment

Considering self-employment? Currently self-employed? If so, marketing is important

Don’t suppose, you ever…

  • Feel overwhelmed by all things “marketing”?
  • Wonder why some succeed with self-employment and others don’t?
  • Dream of becoming self-employed and succeeding in self-employment?
  • Feel under pressure to get your marketing “sorted” and generating real results?

If any of the above apply to you, then perhaps its time to trust your intuition and download
‘Marketing for the self-employed’ today and manifest the results you want from your marketing.

  • Dis-satisfied with your current financial situation or personal circumstances?
  • Want to identify the root of your marketing problems once and for all?
  • Want to experience real permanent “breakthroughs” with your marketing?
  • Want introduced to powerful, practical & proven concepts – not academic, ivory tower twaddle?

Download Marketing for the self-employed: How to succeed in self-employment today to start
generating the breakthroughs and results you want and need to succeed in self-employment
and achieve your entrepreneurial objectives.

The exercises, techniques, processes and principles in this book ARE NOT taught in
business schools in the USA, UK or Europe. Yet they are profound marketing truths
to hep you succeed in self-employment, working for yourself as a self-employed

In ‘Marketing for the self-employed: How to succeed in self-employment’, you will learn:

  • All 4 steps in the marketing evolutionary process
  • Where you are in the process, and why you haven’t progressed to the next stage
  • How to succeed in self-employment and be successful with small business marketing
  • Learn effective marketing techniques that other self-employed people don’t use
  • Discover 10 reasons why prospective customers WILL NOT purchase from your competitors
  • Identify and adapt powerful, practical & proven concepts to your personal marketing
  • How to leverage “Know, Like and Trust” to get breakthrough results – permanently
  • How to prevent feast or famine syndrome from occurring, once and for all
  • How self-employed people can get 100% verifiable results with social media marketing
  • 27 NEW Principles of Quantum Marketing for the self-employed in 2017 & Beyond
  • A powerful online resource to help you monetise & productise your skills & knowledge
  • How to prevent making a simple mistake that 91% of your competitors make – every day
  • And much. much more…

Marketing for the self-employed: How to succeed in self-employment
is both powerful & practical


…succeeding in self-employment, working for yourself, getting paid what you’re really worth
doing what you love to do and generating all the leads, enquiries, prospects, sales and referrals
you need and want for your products, services or solutions.

If the meaning of life is to discover your gift, then the purpose of life is to share it

It’s time to succeed in self-employment and share what you offer your target audience.

It’s time to take your marketing to a whole new level – literally.

Take action now. Scroll up and click the ‘buy’ button at the top of this page and you can read
Marketing for the self-employed: How to succeed in self-employment on your Kindle device, tablet,
computer or smartphone.

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