Marketing Scales Handbook: Multi-Item Measures for Consumer Insight Research (Volume 8)

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The Marketing Scales Handbook series is the longest-running set of books that provide reviews of multi-item survey measures used in scholarly studies of consumer behavior. This volume picks up where Volume 7 ended and has reviews of 392 new scales that were reported in top marketing journal articles published in 2012 and 2013. Each review has information about a scale’s source, its psychometric quality, and the questions/statements that compose the measure. The bulk of the scales in Volume 8 have to do with topics typical to the series such as brands, advertising, stores, purchasing, emotions, and relationships. Other topics included this volume were less covered in the previous books and have to do with newer topics such as environmental issues, word-of-mouth activity, game-playing, fair trade, and co-production. The book is a valuable resource to researchers in a variety of fields who want tested and reliable measures for use in their studies of consumers or similar types of participants such as viewers, students, donors, or citizens. Many of the measures could also be used in organizational settings when studying employees or administrators. Instead of using simplistic measures of dubious quality or, at the other extreme, having to build and refine measures from scratch, researchers can use the book’s contents to learn from the experts who have already crafted quality scales. By using better measures, accuracy is increased and should improve the decisions based upon the results.

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