Marketing with Strategic Empathy: Inspiring Strategy with Deeper Consumer Insight

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The current focus in many Fortune 500 companies is on consumer insights, where strategists develop deep consumer insight – or empathy—as a basis for flexible strategy formation. Strategic Empathy, therefore, is not a soft skill, but can be a powerful force for success.

At the core of the Strategic Empathy process is immersive and experiential learning, also known as Strategic Learning, leading to a deep understanding about the functional, emotional, and cultural drivers behind consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Marketing With Strategic Empathy explains how to:
-design and implement Strategic Learning Journeys
-implement specific learning methods, including techniques to uncover unconscious emotions, ethnographic observation, online research, semiotic analysis, and trends analysis
-empower managers with team-based skills for activating learning
-develop video and multimedia story telling skills for communicating Strategic Learning and other strategies to stakeholders

The book also provides proven skills, processes, leadership methods, how-to guidance, and global case studies to help companies implement Strategic Empathy within their organization.

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