Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excel

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Helping tech-savvy marketers and data analysts solve real-world business problems with Excel

Using data-driven business analytics to understand customers and improve results is a great idea in theory, but in today’s busy offices, marketers and analysts need simple, low-cost ways to process and make the most of all that data. This expert book offers the perfect solution. Written by data analysis expert Wayne L. Winston, this practical resource shows you how to tap a simple and cost-effective tool, Microsoft Excel, to solve specific business problems using powerful analytic techniques—and achieve optimum results.

Practical exercises in each chapter help you apply and reinforce techniques as you learn.

  • Shows you how to perform sophisticated business analyses using the cost-effective and widely available Microsoft Excel instead of expensive, proprietary analytical tools
  • Reveals how to target and retain profitable customers and avoid high-risk customers
  • Helps you forecast sales and improve response rates for marketing campaigns
  • Explores how to optimize price points for products and services, optimize store layouts, and improve online advertising
  • Covers social media, viral marketing, and how to exploit both effectively

Improve your marketing results with Microsoft Excel and the invaluable techniques and ideas in Marketing Analytics: Data-Driven Techniques with Microsoft Excel.

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The Art & Science of JavaScript: Inspirational, Cutting-Edge JavaScript From the World’s Best

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We’ve assembled seven of the greatest minds in modern JavaScript to teach you the most inspirational techniques you’ll ever use. From creating impressive mashups and stunning, dynamic graphics, to more subtle user-experience enhancements, you’re about to be amazed by the true potential of this powerful language.

With an all star line-up of authors including James Edwards, Michael Mahemoff, Ara Pehlivanian, Cameron Adams, Dan Webb, Christian Heilmann, and Simon Willison, this superb book will show you how to:

  • Create a slick Google Maps and Flickr mashup.
  • Build your own fully accessible 3D maze.
  • Create stunning vector graphics using the canvas element.
  • Have some fun with draggable and sortable table columns.
  • Give your site some extra personality with client-side badges.
  • Write better code faster using metaprogramming techniques.
  • Become a debugging expert using pro-level Firebug tricks.

    Presented in full color, all of the books solutions are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible. Best of all, all the code used in the book is available for you to download and experiment with.

    Who Should Read This Book?

    This book is targeted at intermediate JavaScript developers who want to take their JavaScript skills to the next level without sacrificing web accessibility or best practice.

    If you have even a small amount of experience with JavaScript, and are comfortable enough programming in another language such as PHP or Java, you’ll be just fine – we’ll hold your hand along the way, and all of the code is available for you to download and experiment with on your own.

  • ISBN13: 9780980285840
    Condition: New
    Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

    What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming OCD (What-to-Do Guides for Kids)

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    Guides children and their parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This interactive self-help book contains examples, activities, and step-by-step instructions that help children master the skills needed to break free from the sticky thoughts and urges of OCD, and live happier lives.Magination Press

    You Need a SWOT Analysis

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    Favorite Brand Name Most Requested Recipes

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    Are you seeking the best-of-the-best recipes? Those from your favorite brands? We have got just the book for you! Favorite Brand Name Recipes Most Requested collection is here to answer your every need. Choose from more than 150 recipes sure to please everyone in your home. Choose recipes for breakfast and brunch, appetizers, soups, main dishes and sides, desserts, beverages and more. You will find it all inside. Great for every day and special days. This book provides it all!

    Make Money With Adult Websites

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    An experienced webmaster who began producing adult sites back in their infancy reveals his secrets of how to make money in this ever expanding area. He tells you where the money is, what to do, and most important what not to do. This book offers good practical advice on many aspects of starting up a new business. It looks at things from the viewpoint of a person who is evaluating a new business venture. This is a business that you can really get into without much outlay of cash! You can make big money working part time from home or office with minimal cash investment. No franchises or packaged turnkey websites involved. You can work part time or full time. You can truly make money by creating your own adult web sites. This book even contains a Model Adult Web Site consisting of pages that can be expanded as you wish. It even includes the source code (computer programming code) for those pages so you can copy and paste it into your own site.Used Book in Good Condition

    “What is Motion Design ?

    Awesome New Post ——————————- THE PROJECT

    “Motion Plus Design” is a project which aims to create the first exhibition center
    dedicated to Motion Design in Paris, france. This is a non-profit project. Students, professionals and anyone interested could discover artists, meet and learn. This centre will also provide an opportunity to promote artists in other design departments so the different graphic design worlds could cross. To make it real we need your support! The more we are, the more the project’s got chances to exist!

    Website :
    Get involved via facebook :
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    Twitter :!/Mo_Plus_Design
    Newsletter : please send us your email at
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    ——————————- OTHER LANGUAGES

    Spanish :
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    Empower English Language Learners With Tools From the Web

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    Discover how Web 2.0 tools can advance English language learning!

    Today’s interactive Web tools offer teachers of English language learners a wealth of opportunities to inspire and motivate their students. Aligned with national TESOL standards, this user-friendly, research-based guide shows how Web 2.0 tools can improve English language proficiency and build 21st-century skills. Readers will find:

    • Relevant descriptions of a wide range of Web tools, from blogs and podcasts to social networking and more 
    • Classroom-ready projects and tips for elementary, middle, and high school students 
    • Guidelines to support safe and appropriate Internet use

    A step-by-step guide for a wide range of relevant Web tools/activities, from blogs and podcasts
    Classroom-ready projects designed to benefit learners” social and academic language development
    Guidance on how and when to use Web tools with elementary, middle, and high school students
    Personal narratives from teachers who have successfully used Web tools to teach English language learners
    Teacher-tested and parent-approved guidelines for safe and appropriate Internet useSupport your students

    Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

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    The cult classic that revolutionized marketing by teaching businesses that you’re either remarkable or invisible.

    Few authors have had the kind of lasting impact and global reach that Seth Godin has had. In a series of now-classic books that have been translated into 36 languages and reached millions of readers around the world, he has taught generations of readers how to make remarkable products and spread powerful ideas.

    In Purple Cow, first published in 2003 and revised and expanded in 2009, Godin launched a movement to make truly remarkable products that are worth marketing in the first place. Through stories about companies like Starbucks, JetBlue, Krispy Kreme, and Apple, coupled with his signature provocative style, he inspires readers to rethink what their marketing is really saying about their product. In a world that grows noisier by the day, Godin’s challenge has never been more relevant to writers, marketers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, makers, product managers, and anyone else who has something to share with the world.

    The Art of Invisibility: The World’s Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

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    Be online without leaving a trace.

    Your every step online is being tracked and stored, and your identity literally stolen. Big companies and big governments want to know and exploit what you do, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand.

    In this explosive yet practical book, Kevin Mitnick uses true-life stories to show exactly what is happening without your knowledge, teaching you “the art of invisibility”–online and real-world tactics to protect you and your family, using easy step-by-step instructions. Reading this book, you will learn everything from password protection and smart Wi-Fi usage to advanced techniques designed to maximize your anonymity.

    Kevin Mitnick knows exactly how vulnerabilities can be exploited and just what to do to prevent that from happening. The world’s most famous–and formerly the US government’s most wanted–computer hacker, he has hacked into some of the country’s most powerful and seemingly impenetrable agencies and companies, and at one point was on a three-year run from the FBI. Now Mitnick is reformed and widely regarded as the expert on the subject of computer security.

    Invisibility isn’t just for superheroes–privacy is a power you deserve and need in the age of Big Brother and Big Data.
    Little Brown and Company

    Global Content Marketing: How to Create Great Content, Reach More Customers, and Build a Worldwide Marketing Strategy that Works (Business Books)

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    Engage Customers Around the World with Cross-Regional Content Marketing

    Technology has virtually erased national borders, forever transforming the way we reach and engage customers, as well as the way we search for and consume content. Global Content Marketing takes you step-by-step through the process of creating and refining your strategies to meet this new reality.


    • Create content that engages people–regardless of their country and culture
    • Identify key actions and strategies to apply to your projects
    • Connect “dots” that others don’t see and connect them in ways you never thought of before

    “Content marketing across geographies is a diff erent animal. In this smart, practical, and authoritative book, Pam Didner has tamed this animal for all of us.” — DOUG KESSLER, Creative Director, Velocity

    “A valuable guide to developing and distributing your global content effectively.” — NANCY BHAGAT, former VP, Global Marketing Strategy, Intel, and current Divisional CMO, TE Connectivity

    “This book is the blueprint for engineering a modern scalable content marketing operation.” — PAWAN DESHPANDE, CEO, Curata

    “Finally the book that explores all critical aspects of global content marketing! Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, it is essential to understand the 4P’s developed by Pam Didner. Read it and take your content strategy to the whole new level.” — EKATERINA WALTER, author of Think Like Zuck and coauthor of The Power of Visual Storytelling

    Social Media: Can Social Media Cause People To Create A False-Self?

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    Top 10 Footwear Brands

    We walk with them, we run with them, we can’t go anywhere without them. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Footwear …


    Neural Networks (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

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    This book provides the first accessible introduction to neural network analysis as a methodological strategy for social scientists. The author details numerous studies and examples which illustrate the advantages of neural network analysis over other quantitative and modeling methods in widespread use. Methods are presented in an accessible style for readers who do not have a background in computer science. The book provides a history of neural network methods, a substantial review of the literature, detailed applications, coverage of the most common alternative models and examples of two leading software packages for neural network analysis.

    Used Book in Good Condition

    Advanced Penetration Testing: Hacking the World’s Most Secure Networks

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    Build a better defense against motivated, organized, professional attacks

    Advanced Penetration Testing: Hacking the World’s Most Secure Networks takes hacking far beyond Kali linux and Metasploit to provide a more complex attack simulation. Featuring techniques not taught in any certification prep or covered by common defensive scanners, this book integrates social engineering, programming, and vulnerability exploits into a multidisciplinary approach for targeting and compromising high security environments. From discovering and creating attack vectors, and moving unseen through a target enterprise, to establishing command and exfiltrating data—even from organizations without a direct Internet connection—this guide contains the crucial techniques that provide a more accurate picture of your system’s defense. Custom coding examples use VBA, Windows Scripting Host, C, Java, JavaScript, Flash, and more, with coverage of standard library applications and the use of scanning tools to bypass common defensive measures.

    Typical penetration testing consists of low-level hackers attacking a system with a list of known vulnerabilities, and defenders preventing those hacks using an equally well-known list of defensive scans. The professional hackers and nation states on the forefront of today’s threats operate at a much more complex level—and this book shows you how to defend your high security network.

    • Use targeted social engineering pretexts to create the initial compromise
    • Leave a command and control structure in place for long-term access
    • Escalate privilege and breach networks, operating systems, and trust structures
    • Infiltrate further using harvested credentials while expanding control

    Today’s threats are organized, professionally-run, and very much for-profit. Financial institutions, health care organizations, law enforcement, government agencies, and other high-value targets need to harden their IT infrastructure and human capital against targeted advanced attacks from motivated professionals. Advanced Penetration Testing goes beyond Kali linux and Metasploit and to provide you advanced pen testing for high security networks.