One Hundred Thoughts About Corporate and Brand Identity: Design by Thinking

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  • This book harnesses the thinking and philosophies behind some of the world’s most influential practitioners in the corporate branding fields
  • This volume is compiled by the eminent Dr. Kenneth W. Cato AO, an Australian designer with an international reputation and who helped establish the agIdeas International Design Week, which attracts annually over 4,500 young designers and over 40 speakers from around the world
  • This book is a superb reference title for those in the design industries, advertising, corporate and education fields

In a world where computer graphics provide a more professional finish to both good and bad design, the distinguishing factor is the strength of the core idea. This volume offers 100 observations into pivotal points in creating or developing the ideas that drive corporate and brand identity. This full-color book will delve into the principles, theory and design processes that help generate movement from the germination of a concept to the genesis of a well-known and recognizable design of a brand or corporate identity.

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