Over a Cup of Coffee: Pakistan, Disneyization and Experiential Value

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This book is a study on the Coffee culture of Pakistan in terms of the Disneyization Model developed and written by Alan Bryman. The book begins with a brief introduction of the topic, which includes the background of the study and its objectives. The recap on existing literature discusses the concept of customer value and more specifically the experiential customer value. Later onwards the role of Disneyization elements has been studied in building up a unique and memorable experience for the customer. The Disneyization model talks about the incorporation of a cultural, historical or any other aspect in building up a theme of a place. It further explains the concept of dedifferentiation of consumption, which means the amalgamation of several institutions in one place. Merchandising specifically talks about offering copyrighted products to customers and lastly emotional labor discusses the employee-organization and employee-customer relationship.Exploratory Research Techniques have been used in analyzing consumer perceptions and desire and supplier perceptions and commitment in building up a Disneyized Coffee Culture in Pakistan.

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