Paul Albert Leitner: 0-24: Signs and Advertisements

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As sensitive as Paul Albert Leitner is to the poetry of everyday life, he is matter-of-fact and objective in his photographic approach, and somewhat a documentarist. In this new book, he discovers signs and advertising. On his countless journey throughout Europe and its post-socialist fringes, in the Latin world, in New York s urban space and the American South; Leitner find images that are at times – seductive, repugnant, nostalgic-romantic … Leitner, however is not a travel photographer nor someone attracted by the exotic in foreign climes. The individual photo is actually the poetry, with narratives, personal autobiographical and entire world histories created as a series of images or book. In 0-24, Leitner frees the facade of their imposed clarity, literally revealing their concrete form and color. Like Atget, he opens up the surreal levels inherent to economic activities that appear to be so targeted.