Practical Rails 5: Building Social Networking and News Site using Rails and Angular.js

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Practical Rails 5 teaches the fundamentals of developing a complete web application with Ruby on Rails 5 in a practical manner. Through the course of the book, the process of specifying, designing, building and testing each feature is discussed and demonstrated, giving the reader the confidence and tools to develop their own applications. While the book doesn’t expect any previous Ruby or Rails experience, basic programming knowledge and understanding of web applications is assumed. You’ll learn how to create an entire Ruby on Rails web application from conception to deployment, taking advantage of the latest Rails 5 features, as well as use JavaScript frameworks like Angular.js. You’ll also use JSON APIs and HTML5. You will learn Rails best practices and how to approach building news features along the way. Rails continues to be one of the most popular web application development frameworks in the world and is the number one choice for Ruby and even Java developers building websites and even enterprise applications today.