10 Golden Rules For Developing Charisma


10 Golden Rules For Developing Charisma: Define Charisma And Change


We often consider that people are charismatic but do we really mean it? Charisma not a specific trait that you can clearly more easily identify in somebody it is purely a ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes people like, want to follow and to be around or be influenced by you. They give you an assumed permission to sway their thinking.

The top salespeople in all industries will confess that the only reason people ever do business with them is because they like them. How do they get people to do that?

In this booklet I will show you:-

  • How to Make People Want To Do Your Bidding!
  • Be Welcomed and Accepted Everywhere You Go!
  • How to Remember People’s Names!
  • What To Encourage People About!
  • The Right Way To Express Feelings!
  • How to Defuse Anger and Frustration!

This book takes a contrary view of charisma, focusing on and seeking to identify what we don’t want to clarify what we do want!

Charismatic People Get What They Want. Isn’t It Time You Refined Your Charisma And Change Too?


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