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Are you struggling trying to be all things to all people on every social media channel to market your books? Learn how using less social media can actually help you engage more readers and sell more books.This book includes a free comprehensive online course to turbo boost your learning

Does social media marketing wear you out? Do you wish there was an easier way to reach your target audience in fewer places? Award-winning marketer Chris Syme has worked with hundreds of self-published authors to help them streamline and turbo boost their book marketing process. Let Chris show you how to demystify the process of selling books with social media so you can have more time to write.

This book is not for hobby writers; it’s for serious authors who want to make a living selling books and are looking to make smart business decisions about marketing their books. In her practical teaching style, Syme imparts all the necessary strategies you’ll ever need to market with social media backed up with marketing best practices and research.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The missing chapter: The secrets to selling with social media that nobody else is telling you
  • The Big Three: How to sell more books with just a website, an email marketing system, and a Facebook business page.
  • How less is actually more: You will learn to designate one primary social media channel for engagement and leave the rest on auto pilot as outposts.
  • Content is the kingdom: How to craft the right content and opens the doors to engagement.
  • Email + social media = winner. How to turbo boost your email marketing with social media campaigns

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This book comes with an in-depth free online course to help readers get the most out of the book. Each module includes multiple lessons that include videos, tool, and tips.

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