SOSTAC(r) Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing PLan: save time save money with a crystal clear plan (Volume 2)

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How to build the perfect digital marketing plan that boosts results. PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Planning System can be learned in 3 minutes and applied, immediately, to any plan (business plan, marketing plan. digital marketing plan, integrated marketing plan, even your own life plan. Voted in the Top 3 Marketing Models worldwide by the Chartered Institute Of Marketing’s Centenary Poll, the SOSTAC® Planning System is used by both blue chips and start-ups because of its crystal clear simple, logical structure. SOSTAC® delivers a reassuring sense of order, as it reduces the chaos of information overload and structures a plan into a focussed set of tactics and actions driven by a carefully structured strategy, built from focused analysis and crystal clear objectives. Many organisations use it also to pitch for business, since it gives a reassuring sense of order to what might have been an unnecessarily complex proposition. That’s why professionals use it all over the world. Here’s what some say: “Essential reading and an invaluable reference guide” Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing “A really good easy-to-follow guide” Ged Carroll, Digital Director VP Europe, RacePoint Global “Highly acclaimed planning system – even for experienced digital marketers” David Green, Head of Global Digital Marketing, KPMG “Although most businesses are now doing digital marketing, nearly half don’t have a plan – that’s shocking! SOSTAC® gives you an awesomely simple framework to put that right.” Dave Chaffey, CEO Smart Insights Chapters: Situation Analysis (where are we now) Objectives (where do we want to go) Strategy (how do we get there) Tactics (the details of strategy, marketing mix etc.) Action (who does what, when & how) Control (are we getting there, metrics: daily/monthly) Learn it in 3 minutes and master it with practise. V2.0 2016 Update

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