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The Marketing Bull

Amazing New Post AVOID THE BULL
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The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

Amazing New Post A short film about what the future of advertising might look like.

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2011 Webby – Nominee
Category: Interactive Advertising / Online Commercials

2010 Canadian Marketing Awards (CMA) – GOLD
Category: Business Products & Services

2010 Applied Arts
Category: Advertising/Non-Traditional – Series

2010 Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC) – Merit Award
Category: Advertising Innovative, Single

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Secrets of PDF, Mobi, Kindle and Other EBooks Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Resources

 Why Don’t They Tell You The Link Between Ebook Publishing And How To Make Money Online

What The Ebook Writing Gurus Won’t Tell You … 

How You Can Quickly Make Money Online From Your Kindle Publishing!

 If you have written a book; poured your heart and soul into it; Kindle have published it and you sat back to watch just a trickle of sales come through; you have given away more copies than you have sold; you have reduced the price time and time again: then this EBook is for you!

  • Are You Looking For Ways To Advertise, Market and Promote Your EBook?
  • Are You a Struggling Author Who Cannot Earn Money From  Ebooks?
  • Do You still search the  Publishing Reports Daily (or Even Hourly) Hoping To Have Sold Another Gem?

Have a look around the Publishing Marketplace and you will find a plethora of Ebooks that tell you how to write. They tell you how to add images, format your paragraphs and what fonts to use. They tell you how to load it up to the Marketing Machines and publish your Ebook, and even why you should, or should not use the promotion program.

Very few will provide you with good and solid explanations of how and what to do to get it front of people

In This EBook You Will Quickly Learn;

  • Why people don’t write EBooks and Why You Need To Organise Your Work
  • Why You Have To Blow Your Own Horn To Make People Dance
  • Why The Power Lies With The People, By The People and For The People – I’m Talking Reviews
  • The Art That Is Kindle Publishing: How To Set The Right Price For Your EBook
  • How To Market Your EBook For No Cost, Low Cost and Donations
  • How To Market Your Published EBook With Paid For Sites And Maximise Your Exposure

And Much More …. 

Not to mention the checklist of the marketing plan and over 100 links to resources and sites to post your masterpiece! 

So If You Want To achieve;

  • The understanding, Internet savvy and the right approach to Advertising, Marketing and Promoting Your EBook
  • Listing your EBook for the maximum exposure on all the authority EBook sites
  • Maximum exposure for your EBook and Personal Website or blog
  • Trading links and getting backlinks from some of the most popular EBook sites of today

You Will Want To Make Money Online From Your Kindle Publishing Then You Need To Grab Your Copy of “Secrets of PDF, Mobi, Kindle and Other EBooks Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Resources” Today!!!


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Image Sizing Guide For Main Social Media Profiles

Today’s Social Media Storm Needs Tempering For Maximum Effectiveness And To Make Money Online For Any Business

Part of the optimisation of Social Media sites as well as webpages are graphics. Nearly every Social Media Site invites the members to place a header or banner on their page to make it distinctive and pertinent to them or their business.

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We are showing the graphic obtained from which is an excellent display of the required sizes currently and graphics to show you the effect.

For examples, we have used these on our Facebook Page ( and our boss’s financial services consultancy business Facebook page,Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Pages etc and …

we can also make unique and company specific graphics for your company from £25 plus VAT. Email us at

Facebook Page Let’s Talk Social Media
Twitter Page CEI Compliance
Google+ Page CEI Compliance
Facebook Page CEI Compliance

For DIY graphics, the sizes are below.master-social-media-grpahics-sizes-cheatsheet