Online Reputation Management: Why Your Word Is Practically Useless

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Why Your Efforts At Online Reputation Management Are Proving Fruitless.


Reputation Management helps to protect your company or personal reputation and limit the impact of a crisis, in addition to improving how you’re viewed online.

We collaborate with clients in varying sectors and professions, including; finance firms, local businesses, celebrities, politicians, hotels, restaurants, leisure groups, business leaders, consumer brands, online retail companies and much more.

Deceptive or inaccurate content has the potential to cause lasting damage to your Company profile. news stories, vicious posts on forums can all spread rapidly unless handled promptly. Online reputation management should be taken very seriously, as the damage sustained from a negative web reputation is remarkably difficult to overcome. For example, when a possible customer searches a company’s name and sees the negative results on their favourite search engine, they are much more likely to take their business somewhere else, and you have lost a profitable client.

We can;

  • Directly remove at the source when possible
  • Make negative content unreadable by search engines like Google
  • Completely remove search results page from Google
  • Drive negative content off the first page of search engine results page
  • Create better positive reviews and links.

The Main Issues
What is the first step if your company currently has built up a bad web reputation through neglect, has been described unfairly in the press, or blasted on a forum?

Many companies first response is to ask for removal of content directly. However, eliminating content from external sites is notoriously problematic. Amateur or ham-fisted attempts to censor content can draw more focus on the information.

When it concerns removing search results page, many often rely on the Right to be forgotten. While it is possible to file a removal request under this European ruling, this technique takes a lengthy time and has a very low success rate. Since its launch in 2014, Google have only acknowledged around 40% of requests.

Another issue is Relevance. Sometimes, the content maybe highly relevant to certain searches and it could be published on high-authority press sites rendering it much harder to remove, but we can create and implement an effective counter strategy.

Removing and challenging unwanted content is just one portion of repairing your reputation; making sure positive information about you is being seen.

We can develop strategies to optimise and create online assets that you can control and target the press and media with profile-enhancing news and comment which will rank for your name and improve your online presence.

Our packages start from suiting a very modest budget through to a high powered press and social presentation, profile showcasing media circus with several streams distributing the good news about your company.


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