TRUST ME, I’m in marketing!

Amazing New Post Is it possible for the world of advertising and marketing to be trusted once again? We think so…


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Social Media + You

Brills New Post Social Media keeps growing and you’re either part of that gravy train or missing the ride. Let Eight Communications help develop and implement a transmedia strategy to promote your products, your passion, your values and your brand across all platforms. We’ll help you be present, be talked about, be loved, be used, be shared and be sold. Curious about how we work? Get in touch and you’ll find out.

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The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

Amazing New Post A short film about what the future of advertising might look like.

Join us for a discussion on Oct 14, 2011
Emerging Technology & Advertising


2011 Webby – Nominee
Category: Interactive Advertising / Online Commercials

2010 Canadian Marketing Awards (CMA) – GOLD
Category: Business Products & Services

2010 Applied Arts
Category: Advertising/Non-Traditional – Series

2010 Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC) – Merit Award
Category: Advertising Innovative, Single

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