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Allnorth is a multidisciplinary engineering and technical services consulting company, servicing clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Pulp & Paper, Power and Chemical sectors. With offices across Canada and the U.S., They provide a single point of contact for clients looking for smart and practical solutions to their project needs.


It was a complex project, based on all of the principles pre established by Allnorth. The BR/BAUEN design studio Team was hired to be responsible for transforming all the philosophical concepts into tangible terms.

With such responsability in hands, the work started by dissecting the brief and understanding it deeply, to the essence of the Brand.

The initial concept of the symbol, was in a way to represent the company’s name directly, working with its phylosophical significate, where everyone seeks to find its north, wether in life or in navigation, the North is a reference point, and Allnorth offers All of North. The thoughts for the symbol’s construction are vast and among them, are the following inspirations: Everything comes from a compass; a sign that represents union between the Client and Allnorth; an arrow which represents the initial of the name, and indicates North. The outcome is a symbol with extreme simplicity, after all, we are “Clean & Unconplicated VS Cluttered and Busy”.

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CYGNUS Immersive Light Installation Performance/MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference

Great New Post CYGNUS is one of the rare conceptual light performances staged in Istanbul to date. Four teams, Bİ’ŞEYLER New Media Works, OUCHHH, Panpiper and Staras came together and set out to explore constellation Cygnus, the Swan, which is home to Cygnus X-1, a galactic X-ray source believed to be a stellar mass black hole.

The light installation was performed in a 2400-m2 venue on December 18-19, 2014 in Istanbul. Using 46 Clay Paky Sharpies and 2 Atmosphere Hazers, the performance immersed 2000 viewers in the experience of the constellation which is believed to be about 5 million years old.

Light sources were placed to surround the audience at different heights to allow light flow above their heads, creating a void at the center which prompted viewers to interpret the notion of a black hole.

The project design is the collective work of Bİ’ŞEYLER New Media Works, a young scenography team of designers with multi-disciplinary expertise, and Ouchhh, an independent design studio with cross-discipline focused on interactive new media platforms, kinetic sculpture, offering direction and art direction and also producing video mapping projections.

The name CYGNUS is chosen by the Ouchhh creative directors Ferdi Alıcı and Eylül Duranağaç who also created the lighting concept. The sound was prepared by Mehmet Ünal (PanPiper), and technical implementation is programmed by Sezgin Karaağaç (Staras) by structuring each individual light.
The project is produced by Burcu Ece Yılmaz and Gökhan Okuyucu (Bi’şeyler).

As the first project of an experimental concept, a unique project in Istanbul, the CYGNUS Immersive Light Installation Performance was staged at the MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference in İstanbul to allow attendees to immerse themselves in an experience that would take them beyond the confines of the venue.

The concept of CYGNUS Immersive Light Installation Performance will be reproduced in future projects as part of events and festivals, and aims at exploiting the team’s worldwide relations for creating experimental platforms that reach wide audiences.

“The first celestial body containing a black hole was first observed in 1971.
It was discovered that the brightest star in the Swan Constellation, the CYGNUS X-1binary star emitted x-rays.”

Producer: Bİ’ŞEYLER Yeni Medya İşleri
Project Management: Gökhan Okuyucu, Burcu Ece Yılmaz, Ferdi Alıcı

Direction and Light Animation: Ouchhh
Ouchhh Team: Ferdi Alıcı, Eylül Duranağaç

Sound Design: PanPiper Mehmet Ünal

Lighting Programmer & Design : Sezgin Karaağaç ‘’SKLD”
Technical Company : STARAS Technical Co. Turkey / ISTANBUL

Lighting Software Design : Wysiwyg R33
Lighting Controller Desk : Grand MA2 Full size
Music & Video Keystone Software : QLAB

46 ClayPaky Sharpy
2 MDG The One Atmosphere

Special thanks;
U Medya, Yeni Yapımlar

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The Marketing Bull

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Andrea Mallard – Brand Strategy in Fifteen Minutes

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