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Brills New Post Social Media keeps growing and you’re either part of that gravy train or missing the ride. Let Eight Communications help develop and implement a transmedia strategy to promote your products, your passion, your values and your brand across all platforms. We’ll help you be present, be talked about, be loved, be used, be shared and be sold. Curious about how we work? Get in touch and you’ll find out.

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Xbox ~ Motion Brand Identity

Great New Post When Microsoft launched the Xbox One they commissioned Man vs Machine to design their global motion brand identity. The Xbox logo animation is one of their most iconic brand elements and our task was to translate their new logo into a full 3D brand language, with this item being the long form brand expression.

A key aim was communicate how the brand has made the transition from core gamers to people who love music, television, films and apps. It’s evolving towards broad entertainment. Xbox has become a premium experience.

As a result we wanted to play on the idea that Xbox is constantly reinventing itself. The brand development film focused on a rhythmic self-generating X; a dynamic spherical form which simulated the evolving nature of the brand. We designed the resolve to feel clean and effortless, seamlessly folding together multiple layers into the logo.



Concept, Design & Direction:

Creative Director for Xbox:
Ramiro Torres

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Brand Is Possibility

Brills New Post What is a brand? It is much more than a just name or a logo
Today, brands represent a bigger, emotionally centered idea that can shape desire, shift demand, drive growth.
They are physical, digital, behavioral — an essential part of our stories and experiences.

At Lippincott, we see brand as possibility.
We’re honored to have worked with some of the best over the years,
helping them uncover the power of their brand as a truly transformational force.
Let’s see what’s possible together

Director/Editor: Matthew Kalish
Creative Director: Brendan Murphy
Producers: Rick Wise, Heather Stern
Writing: Matt Kalish, Brendan Murphy, Heather Stern
Design: Eve Weinberg (Never Odd or Even), Erik Jensen (9 North), Chet Purtilar, Diana Estabridis, Brendan Murphy
Animation: Eve Weinberg (Never Odd or Even), Erik Jensen (9 North), Chet Purtilar
Music: Keith Kenniff, Unseen Music
Voice Over: Mike Stoudt
Sound Design: Mike Regan
Archivist: Erika Rosenberg

….and a special thanks to all Lippincott employee past and present.

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