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Brills New Post Social Media keeps growing and you’re either part of that gravy train or missing the ride. Let Eight Communications help develop and implement a transmedia strategy to promote your products, your passion, your values and your brand across all platforms. We’ll help you be present, be talked about, be loved, be used, be shared and be sold. Curious about how we work? Get in touch and you’ll find out.

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Social Media Bumper

Brills New Post Info: Social Media Bumper for “Sky News Arabia” Rebrand
Creative Director : Habib Feghali
Design, Animation, Composite : Haytham Salaheldin

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Graphic Means (Official Trailer)

Brills New Post Go to to learn more! Starting in April, 2017, Graphic Means will tour theaters, festivals and events through the summer, and will then be released for streaming and DVD in Fall.

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Starbucks holiday social media spots

Brills New Post We teamed up with our pals at Blacklist and 72 and Sunny to create this set of social media spots for Starbucks’ holiday campaign.

Directed by Golden Wolf

Produced by Blacklist


Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson
Art director: Ewen Stenhouse
Producer: Ant Baena
Design: Nick Stoney, Mattias Breitholtz, Yino Huan, Nicolas Castro
Animation & Compositing: Tim Whiting, Yino Huan, Henry Purrington, Thomas Purrington, David Calvet, Mattias Breitholtz, Marlène Beaube, Ferdinando Spagnolo, Steffen Bang Lindholm, George Johnson

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smashLAB / Agency

You Can Do What? New Post A brief introduction to creative agency smashLAB, its focus, service areas, and reason for being.

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This Panda Is Dancing

Have You Seen …? New Post A poetic short film by Max Stossel & Sander van Dijk:

In the Attention Economy, technology and media are designed to maximize our screen-time. But what if they were designed to help us live by our values?

What if news & media companies were creating content that enriched our lives, vs. catering to our most base instincts for clicks?
What if social platforms were designed to help us create our ideal social lives, instead of to maximize time-on site and “likes”?
What if dating apps measured their success in how well they helped us find what we’re looking for instead of in # of swipes?

As technology gets more and more engaging, and as AI and VR become more and more prevalent in our day-to-day lives we need to take a look at how we’re structuring our future.

Time Well Spent is a movement to align technology with our humanity:

Director, Co-producer, & Visual Effects: Sander van Dijk:

Writer, Co-producer & Lead Actor: Max Stossel:

Production Company: Yacht Club Films

Director of Photography: Conor Murphy

Color: RCO

Music & Sound Design: Wesley Slover –

Steadicam Operator: Kyle Fasanella

Graphic Artist: Aaron Kemnitzer

CG Artist: Joseph Pistono

Visual Effects Assistant: Chelsea Galen

Roto Assistant: Regina Morgan-Munoz

Lead Actress: Crystal Lee

Special Thanks: Chantal Stafford-Abbott, Radha Agrawal, Koen Oosterbroek, Anneke Jong, Jacob Tugendrach, Alex Mizrahi, David Markowitz, Gene Gurkoff, Taryn Southern Katie Growald, Steph Bagley, Joel Wishkovsky, Amy Karr, Erica Shay, Kurt Peloquin, Tobias Rose Stockwell, Erica Berger, Nora Graham, Elana Meta, Julian Dufault, Michael Rosen, Kelly Stoecklin, Adam London, Gary Su, Auston Copeland, Katya Stepanov, Betty Kay Kendrick, Zach Bell, David Yarus, Stephan Cesarini, Jon Morris, Michelle Finizio, Lauren Bille, Felicity Conrad, Abel Costa, Ria Bouttier, James Hercher, Sarah Knapp, Simon Roberts, Alex Abelin, & Dan Fredinburg

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The Social Network Kinetic Typography – HD

Fantastic New Post A kinetic typography piece of the “Full Attention” clip from the 2010 film The Social Network by David Fincher.

EDIT: 4/14/12 – Re animated/Rendered in HD.

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Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard – Slides in 3 Minutes

Awesome New Post As part of my (Mike Kus) talk at FOWD London 2009 I played this short film. It’s sped up footage of me designing my slides for my talk. I showed it because I thought it would interesting to see the design process I went through whilst making them. It also features a lot of footage of slides being designed that never made it to the final slide deck.
You can view the final slides here:

You can view my talk here:

The music I used is a track called Með suð í eyrum by Sigur Ros from their album Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. It’s an amazing record and I suggest you all go out and buy it 🙂
or buy it here:

You can view more of my design work at:


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Xbox ~ Motion Brand Identity

Great New Post When Microsoft launched the Xbox One they commissioned Man vs Machine to design their global motion brand identity. The Xbox logo animation is one of their most iconic brand elements and our task was to translate their new logo into a full 3D brand language, with this item being the long form brand expression.

A key aim was communicate how the brand has made the transition from core gamers to people who love music, television, films and apps. It’s evolving towards broad entertainment. Xbox has become a premium experience.

As a result we wanted to play on the idea that Xbox is constantly reinventing itself. The brand development film focused on a rhythmic self-generating X; a dynamic spherical form which simulated the evolving nature of the brand. We designed the resolve to feel clean and effortless, seamlessly folding together multiple layers into the logo.



Concept, Design & Direction:

Creative Director for Xbox:
Ramiro Torres

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F5 Festival – The Best Of Motionographer 2015 Titles

Brills New Post Mill+ created ‘The Best of Motionographer 2015’ title sequence for the F5 Festival’s showcase of hand-picked work from the past year. Director Aran Quinn conceptualized and created six whimsical, muscle-flexing bodybuilder characters for the main titles representing the hardworking teams behind the incredible work featured in the showcase.
Learn more:

Follow @Millchannel on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for more updates.

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The Innovation of Loneliness

Great New Post What is the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely?
Quoting the words of Sherry Turkle from her TED talk – Connected, But Alone.
Also Based on Dr. Yair Amichai-Hamburgers hebrew article -The Invention of Loneliness.

Script, Design & Animation: Shimi Cohen
Translation to Portuguese: Letícia Dabés ( //
Translation to French: Marie-Caroline Braud (

Final Project at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

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We Love Graphic Design Montage

Great New Post Titles, teasers and openers for the design conference We Love Graphic Design in Copenhagen Denmark. Made as a co-creation with the amazing and wonderful Hvass & Hannibal. We did all the motion stuff.
Please throw us a comment on what you think!

For et par uger siden blev Designkonferencen We Love Graphic Design afholdt for 3. gang og Stupid Studio var med, da Hvass og Hannibal (DK), Hansje van Halem, (NL) James White (CDN), Kate Moross (UK) og Brosmind (BCN) var på scenen og bl.a. fortælle om hvorfor det er vigtigt med personlige projekter og at fremtiden er multidiciplinær.

Den visuelle identitet for We Love Graphic Design blev i år designet af Hvass & Hanníbal. Stupid Studio har med udgangspunkt i dén, lavet de animerede bagtæpper som kørte under hele konferencen.

Produceret af:
Musik: Zach Van Hoozer (

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The British Council – Social Media & You – Infographics

You Can Do What? New Post The British Council approached us to create an infographics piece to be used as part of the launch of their brand new social media strategy pack, which would be introduced to their 9,000+ team members worldwide.

Having a script skillfully crafted by the British Council as the starting point, we conceptualized, directed, designed and animated this playful and friendly motion design piece packed with a bunch of situations, messages and characters interacting with typography to reflect the essential characteristics of social media and their new strategy pack.

Project info
Client: The British Council (
Production Company: Binalogue (

Our role:
Concept, creative & art direction, character design & animation, design & motion graphics.

Original Storyboard and Script: David Blundell
Music & Sound Design: Claudio “el maestro” Bonaldi
Script Editing: Geoff Goff
Voiceover: Ann Bateson

View project

British Council – Social Media & You

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©2012 Binalogue


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What Are Webinars? Streaming, Conferences? On-line Seminars? Conferencing? Webcasts?

What Are Webinars and Webcast Demonstrations?

As we are venturing further into the 21st century the world is becoming smaller and better connected. Webinars and webcasts although similar can be made in similar ways and used to promote your business.

The main difference between webinars and webcasts is that webinars are often intended for a specific audience and specific number of people while a webcast can be either seen on a website or embedded in a blog and visible to anyone who may choose to watch it at a time to suit themselves. Webcasts are more often demonstration mode used in business to try and attract new clients and get them to buy your business or service by seeing the product or service in action and perhaps having embedded clips of recommendations or examples pre-set.

Although webinars can also of course be used to promote a business to outsiders this is not their primary function. Webinars are typically used by companies who need to bring training and development to their audience, whether they are in-house workforce, a network of franchisees or affiliates. The beauty of these things is that they can be used for business meetings that includes people from many different places.

Webcasts are often used in viral marketing because they can easily be embedded using the video sharing sites like YouTube etc. but don’t forget that PowerPoint and other presentations can be provided on sites like Scrib’d and SlideShare for this very purpose. Using these presentation sharing sites gives the serious business person access to a much bigger audience of prospective customers. See our presentations on Slideshare ( ) and Scrib’d ( ).

Possibly a better distinction if you are a consultant would be that Webcasts are more useful for promoting a business to a wider audience that is not necessarily business minded, and the approach should be provided at that level. Webinars on the other hand are generally available only to invited participants who may all use the same password to access the seminar as this makes the webinar more secure and the level of delivery can be set by the organiser or trainer with previous knowledge of the group’s capabilities.

It may be useful to turn a recorded webinar into a webcast for later distribution or providing links to it from other media. Sometimes it may be best to edit the webinar, especially if any ‘in jokes’ or swearing are used.

You can set up a webcast yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse whereas a webinar can often be hosted by a vendor and companies pay either a monthly fee or a fee for individual lectures and participants. Most webinars are pre-booked with an invited audience only, if you have not been invited to attend a webinar then you will not be able to see the lectures or attend the business meetings. Most of the content of webinars is meant only for the members of a company, who may be privy to sensitive company information that, in the wrong hands, could harm a company.

So whether you are preparing to use Webcasts or Webinars they are both easy to create and relatively quick to design and develop. And as you become more capable and comfortable they only become easier! For simplicities sake we will refer them to them as Webinars for this check list.

Here are seven tips on how to do your first webinar:

1. Clearly identify your target audience. Knowledge and the ultimate solutions will flow from this clarity. If you know your audience, you can identify with their pain and offer solutions based on your experiences. Having in-depth understanding of your audience will define how you market your webinar; what type of webinar you need to produce, and; how long your webinar needs to be.

2. Understand the ‘why’. Obvious, I know, but you’d be surprised how many people fail in getting get this right. There are three major types of webinars; the sales webcast/webinar (as you may be trying to sell ideas internally); the educating on content or training webinar, and; the hybrid. Each of these types is distinct and imposes its own style and limitations. Mix them up and your webinar will fail to achieve its goals.

3. Spend a good deal of time on planning, designing and preparing your webinar.  One hour of planning is worth five in delivery. It is too tempting at times to rush through your framework and hurry to write a webinar or webcast. Some people even think that a rough, high level framework is good enough to try and make webinar planning seem easy. Every hour you spend in planning, designing, obtaining the right content and preparing your webinar will increase response rates, engagement from your audience and the chances of success.

4. Practice; Practice; Practice. This is so true you know it is right on many levels. Practice has many benefits and will generally help you to become comfortable speaking to an audience that may not be  able to give you direct or real time feedback, as well as helping you (or others) identify weaknesses in either content or delivery. Perhaps most importantly is that you can ensure your timing is about right for the time you advertised or promulgated and that you have the material flow correct.

5. In the old days we used to say ‘Death by Viewgraph’ and these days it is replaced with PowerPoint.  The second most common mistake is to have your slides contain the whole session, word for word, and then recite them to your audience. Slides are meant to be speaking hints and to anchor your audience’s understanding and preferably not to make your audience go to sleep. You should be the presenter, not the slides!

6. Visibility through your voice. Even without any webcams turned on, your audience will be able to ‘see’ you through your voice, and through the passion you convey. So here’s a tip; let your passion soak through and become infectious.  It is always a good idea (for diaphragmatic reasons) to stand when you are talking and, if possible, walk around. Just as cold callers are taught to ‘smile before the dial’ it’s a good idea to ‘walk before you talk’.

7. Which brings us to the last point and that is if you’re going to walk around though you need to have the right microphone for the job. There are two types of microphones that are best to use. The first is the headphone or headset and the second is the ‘unidirectional’ clip microphone and as you are going to be walking around it may pay to invest in a wireless or Bluetooth version.

As with all public speaking or training, in planning and preparation of your webinar or webcast is vital and you can get some good videos on YouTube and on various blogs. I won’t recommend any as it is a personal taste issue but having participated in these myself, it can be a very good way to connect with your clients or prospects.

Lets Talk Social Media can assist you in your Social Media strategy and execution and help provide ideas for building your brand using all the different relevant platforms. Email us at