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Have You Seen …? New Post Social media marketing + advertising agency based in Los Angeles, CA. – Los Angeles Advertising provides social media marketing in LA and surrounding nationwide areas.

Our mission is to provide the best social media marketing services on the market. We use social media networking websites like facebook, twitter, & pinterest to gain exposure for your company.

Our social media campaigns are designed to create interaction between the customer and the business. This helps create long term relationships between you and your customers.

If you are asking yourself questions like; what is twitter? what is marketing? what is seo? what is networking? what is computer? You may want to hire our company to completely manage your internet marketing for your company.

We have years of social media networking experience. We feel that our experience allows us to gain a competitive edge against other agencies who may not know how to manage social media marketing on a corporate level.

Social media and business go hand in hand. You may ask, why social media marketing? The answer is simple, everyone does social media networking. You may not even know this but is a social media network.

Millions of people log onto websites like facebook and twitter everyday. If you are not targeting these people you are missing out on a lot of business. Los Angeles Advertising can be your complete social media business department for your company.

Are you an aspiring musician? We have full marketing packages for musicians. This includes building up your social media presence by getting you thousands of facebook likes and followers. We also provide youtube marketing and advertising services for musicians and actors in the entertainment society.

We are professionals at using Youtube’s advertising campaigns. Our social media agency provides consulting for campaigns so you can have a solid plan with monitoring of your youtube video ads.

We are professionals at viral marketing. Los Angeles Advertising is a firm that will seriously increate your social media networks by using social media tools that other agencies do not know about.

What is social media management? We are the definition of social media management. With our complete social media marketing plans you can have your social media running 24/7 without doing a thing.

We take care of your social media pages by posting content, finding relevant news, starting discussions, finding customers and fans, responding to all of your customers and fans, and most importantly – closing sales and sending people to your company website.

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AIT 10-Year Anniversary

Fantastic New Post Athens Information Technology (AIT), is an internationally-renowned non profit education and research center in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, and innovation management. We were asked to create a video that celebrates AIT’s 10 years of service and showcases the center’s partnerships, scholarships, affiliations, funding and research programs.

Motion Design: Monologue
Director: Spyros Iakovidis
Producer: Alexandros Kampouroglou

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Learn How To Practice Personal Development Easily & Quickly: Project You

Do You Want Success? Do You Really Want To Make Money Online Or In Your Business or Personal Life?

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    • If You Think You Don’t Have Time For Personal Development.
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If you’re a person who knows they can do more, get more and be more but feels that something inside them is holding them back. If you are a person who wants to know the secrets of success, wealth, and respect and appreciation, then you’re about to discover how to get complete control over your life and how to live it. You will learn how, what, why and where to spend your time and personal focus to lead to a more fulfilled life for you and your family right now!

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So, if you’re serious about wanting complete control over your life and how to live it, where to spend your time and deal with personal issues to enable you to grow, to lead to a more fulfilled life for you and your family and you really want to know success and enjoy all the accompaniments of it, then you need to grab a copy of “Learn How To Practice Personal Development Easily & Quickly” right now and start on your own Project Code Named Success and success expert, Lee Werrell, will reveal to you how every person who knows they can do more, get more and be more but feels that something is holding them back, regardless of experience level, can succeed!

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