Image Sizing Guide For Main Social Media Profiles

Today’s Social Media Storm Needs Tempering For Maximum Effectiveness And To Make Money Online For Any Business

Part of the optimisation of Social Media sites as well as webpages are graphics. Nearly every Social Media Site invites the members to place a header or banner on their page to make it distinctive and pertinent to them or their business.

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We are showing the graphic obtained from which is an excellent display of the required sizes currently and graphics to show you the effect.

For examples, we have used these on our Facebook Page ( and our boss’s financial services consultancy business Facebook page,Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Pages etc and …

we can also make unique and company specific graphics for your company from £25 plus VAT. Email us at

Facebook Page Let’s Talk Social Media
Twitter Page CEI Compliance
Google+ Page CEI Compliance
Facebook Page CEI Compliance

For DIY graphics, the sizes are below.master-social-media-grpahics-sizes-cheatsheet

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