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Easy Ways To Use Social Media Gosport, August 2013

Getting More Leads Using Social Media Properly

How To Use Social Media in Lead Generation

Getting More Leads and More Sales

getting more leads through social media usage
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Lets Talk Social Media Training

Lets Talk Social Media

UK Organisations of all types and sizes are coming to terms with the need to better monetise their investments and one of the most compelling opportunities to do so is through helping sales leadership develop their personal brands online.

A recent study reported on by eMarketer in Jan 2013 indicates that 67% of B2C marketers and 44% of B2B marketers saw leads generated through social media channels in 2012 and this was an increase on 2011 in both areas by around 20%.

More people have smartphones, tablets and mini-tablets to use for research and the number is increasing.

Social media is the new frontier of relationship management and all firms need to transform their view of the customer and go beyond the limited and restrictive thinking of the one-way, read-only provider-to-consumer interaction.

As tools are introduced that provide our industries with a mechanism to meet regulations while engaging in more spontaneous online conversation with clients and prospects, customers, and even people in new markets, executives can leap, confidently into this virtual marketing arena to gain an edge over their competitors. Sorry, UK companies only.

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