The Design Book: A Guide Book for Designers

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“When it comes to design creativity and the ability to adapt to it is necessary, and in “The Design Book: A Guide Book for Designers” Can Akdeniz skillfully explores the design world with an experienced eye. The author has written a sharp, engaging and informative book that really does provide a wonderfully thoughtful addition to any designers library. The book is smart and practical yet filled with a creative and adaptive vibe that just draws you in and lets you absorb the author’s insightful guidance. This is a fast, informative read that provides a great deal of worthy advice and an even higher amount of motivation to always create, grow and adapt to the world of design.” (R. Coker)

Design is a growing and important field these days. Of course, in order excel as a designer, you need to be deeply in touch with your creativity. Being a designer involves looking at something a different way from how everyone else looks at it. But just how do you learn to do that? And what do you know when you’re a creative person, but your creative juices just aren’t flowing? That’s where the advice of The Design Book: A Guide Book for Designers comes in. A Design Book is actually a two-volume collection including two very popular books on creativity and innovation by acclaimed business author Can Akdeniz. The set includes Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation and Kill the Normal: The Secrets of Revolutionary Designs.

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