The Magic Of Winning Proposals: The Simple, Step-By-Step Approach To Writing Proposals That Win, Getting New Clients, and Implementing an Unbeatable Marketing Plan.

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As more and more clients shift to a formal Request For Proposal process, is your firm winning all the business it could–and should?

The key to winning proposals isn’t really magic. But as RFP requirements become increasingly complex, and competition stronger, putting together a successful proposal does require a more strategic approach and a game-changing shift in thinking. The Magic of Winning Proposals will not only help you improve your RFP win rates. This essential book will help you win new clients and realize better margins.

Some of the most successful consulting firms in the world use this process, achieving win rates of more than 80 percent. Now author Laura Ricci shares her process with you. The Magic of Winning Proposals provides an easy, step-by-step guide (complete with forms) on how to sync with your client, analyze the RFP, avoid pitfalls, and thoroughly prepare the final proposal and oral presentation.

This book delivers–so you can, too.

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