The Multidimensional Agency: How Marketing 3.0 is Changing the Face of the Advertising Industry

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Why was understanding Starbucks’ purpose crucial to the coffee company’s financial health? Why did a US-based cosmetics company establish a business partnership with an Amazonian tribe? How did Bing increase the usage of its search engine by inspiring people to search offline? And how did the beverage giant Coca-Cola end up producing a chart-topping song and accompanying music video? Advertising strategist Jamie Parfitt answers all of these questions and more in The Multidimensional Agency, in which he examines the causes, implications and consequences of the latest trends in marketing and their effects on today’s advertising industry. Taking note of the rise in human-centric marketing and corporate social responsibility, the increasing disposition of businesses towards collaboration, as well as the shifting role of marketing communication, Parfitt provides guidelines for how the advertising industry can adapt its practices to meet the changing landscapes of technology, media and society at large.

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