The Spy in Your Pocket: What the Smartphones and Social Networks are collecting that we do not know about!

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This book aims to shed light on the hidden factors behind the use of smart phones and social media – specifically with regards to privacy and security. It aims to reveal the less known workings, motivations, and indeed perils to individuals and society as a whole from what is effectively a mass invasion of privacy and potential threat to security. It is an exploration of such elements as the ownership of personal pictures of users, the truth behind the collection and dissemination of personal details, as well as access to and monitoring of voice calls and text messages, be they public or even protected. It also explores some of the shadowy behind the scenes workings of smart phones which were designed not just to the benefit of users, but also as a means of collecting information. Such information includes individual movements, routines, locations and how the people are spending increasing chunks of their time on phones and social media. Further, it explores how devices are being used even more invasively to access stored personal details and private information and track communications, including such details as who is in touch with whom, how, for how long, when and where. During the course of this book I will explore these technological hazards and suggest ways to avoid and prevent the invasion of our privacy and personal lives in a series of seven detailed lessons. To begin!

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