They Said What?! How to Harness Reputation Management, Social Media & Other Online Strategies to Boost Your Business Profits

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Reputation management, social media, mobile marketing, and other online strategies ARE the lifeblood of businesses that will succeed today. If you’re not keeping up with the changing tides of business marketing, you’re costing you and your company money. If you don’t believe that, look at Borders Bookstore (out of business) or Blockbuster video (almost dead and playing “catch-up” just to stay afloat). It used to be that people trusted your brand based on what YOU said about YOU. With the advent of Social Media, people are more likely to believe what OTHERS say about you. Managing your reputation on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. should be one of your key focuses. If a customer sees negative reviews (with no follow up from the owner), they are more likely to avoid doing business with you. Even worse, if you have NO reviews, people will assume you’re not worth doing business with. Before large amounts of money were spent on advertising, people chose who to do business with based on recommendations from family, friends, or anyone else they trusted. The shift in business is back to the word-of-mouth recommendations, except that it’s reach is much larger thanks to the internet. Part of your online marketing strategy must include keeping up with and correcting any negative reviews. If a constant complaint on Yelp is that your service is too slow, you now have an area of your business to work on. You could reach out to each of the customers who left a negative review about the service speed and offer them a coupon to come back and try again. These are the marketing strategies you must implement; continue the conversation with anyone who comments about your business. Make your brand management part of your everyday operation. Your goal should not be to make a sale, it should be to make a fan out of your customer. Social media is not the only online marketing game in town. One of the fastest growing areas for businesses to excel is Mobile Marketing. There is a lot of confusion for business owners when it comes to Mobilizing your online strategy: – Do I need a mobile app? – What is a mobile optimized website? – Why do I even care about mobile marketing? Understanding the answers to these questions could give you a competitive advantage over your competition. Imagine if you were asked today if you should have email or a website to run your business. Most would say that it’s required. If you asked that same question 15 years ago, you would get a completely different answer. Those answers from 15 years ago are the same answers to the “why I need a mobile marketing strategy” questions asked today. Mobile devices and mobile online searches are increasing at an exponential rate. It’s believed that the number of mobile devices will overtake the number of desktop and laptops by 2014, or sooner. This means that your customers are looking for you on these devices. If they can’t find you or if using your website on their phone is a bad experience, they will skip by you and give that business to your competitor. “They Said What?! How to Harness Reputation Management, Social Media & Other Online Strategies to Boost Your Business Profits” goes into detail about each area of Social Media, Reputation Management, and even Mobile Marketing strategies. You will understand the impact of each of these areas and how to harness them to ultimately get more customers and more sales. It includes easy to implement strategies that can give you the edge you need to move past your competitors. Your business is online whether you like it or not. People are talking about you whether you like it or not. Make sure that you understand and manage your brand so that the next time someone wants to do business with you, they will.

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