Using Entrepreneurship to Prepare for Retirement: Building Passive Monthly Incomes for Your Later Years (Social Media Strategy – The Workshop Series) (Volume 3)

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Using Entrepreneurship to Prepare for Retirement has been written to achieve two goals. Goal One: To raise awareness as to the need for most of us to take preparation for our financial well being seriously as many of us reach retirement without actually being able to retire. Our government retirement pensions just don’t provide enough for us to survive on and live comfortably once we reach this age. Through this book’s pages, I show you what to look forward to in retirement and how you will struggle and possibly be forced to continue to work throughout your retirement years just to be able to survive from day to day. But this book is not written with the goal of stressing you out about your future. It is written with a view to helping you strategize how to change the above scenario to a much better reality. By starting now – basically ahead of your retirement years, you can through starting an at-home business, give yourself a much more comfortable retirement reality. Throughout the book, I show you a number of ways that you can earn extra income – predominately online. These incomes, by the way, can grow so significantly for you after even just a few years, that you may well be able to retire well ahead of the government’s plan for you to retire sometime in your sixties. There is a lot of life you can grab out there with just a little extra work during the years that you have the energy available to you to put in the extra effort. I can show you how to get started. Within these pages, I discuss to significant levels of depth, a number of ways you can make money online so you have more information available to pick business directions that suit your skills, knowledge and temperament so you can get started on your new business venture. Already retired and possibly struggling financially? This book is for you as well. You may be starting late in life but through this book you will learn ways to start earning income in even just a few short months. Incomes that can make your current existence easier. So be sure to grab this book and make your way through it. There is a lot of solid content in here and for just a few dollars spent, it very seriously could change your entire financial future. I look forward to seeing you on the inside! Best wishes, – Dan Grijzenhout

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