What Clients Really Want (And The S**t That Drives Them Crazy): The Essential Insider’s Guide for Advertising Agencies on How Account Management Can Create Great Client/Agency Relationships

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What Clients Really Want (And The S**t That Drives Them Crazy) is the essential insider’s guide for advertising agencies on how account management can create great client/agency relationships.

The first book on client/agency relationships to be written an ex-client, this book gives a true insider’s guide as to how account management can stop client/agency relationships from breaking down and take those relationships from good to great.

In this step-by-step guide you will discover:

  • What simple actions you can take today to generate great relationships with your clients.
  • How to gain a deeper understanding of the pressures your clients face and why this is so important.
  • Practical day-to-day advice on how to master positive relationship building behaviours.
  • The strong re-occurring themes that cause client relationships to fall apart and how you can avoid them by applying;

– The 9 essential behaviours to prevent damage to the client/agency relationship.
– The 5 essential behaviours to take your client/agency relationships from good to great.